Sunday, August 03, 2014

Three-Gun Fun!

I dragged myself in Friday from a week of filming THE BEST DEFENSE scenarios in Tulsa -- BTW, THE BEST SEASON EVER! -- then got up zero-dark-thirty Saturday to go shoot 3-Gun. It was a practice match run by my friend Mark Passamaneck, featuring the par time rifle and pistol standards stages from the Noveske 3-Gun USPSA match, which Mark will run later this year.

I learned I need to shoot a lot more pistol. LOL! Yeah, You'd think I should'a figured that out after the World Revolver Championships' disaster! Core skills are solid, but what falls off are either sport-specific or the less -practiced fringe. For example, in the case of the pistol standards, speed-reloading the SR-9 I shoot in 3-G, or at the ICORE Worlds, precision long-range shooting with a revolver. BTW, Yes, I have a 9mm Rock Island I had built for 3-Gun, but it's just not there yet. 

Because I've repeated practiced/demonstrated those fringe skills in the past, I assume those skills are readily accessible. Ha-ha. Back when I spent a lot of time windsurfing, even instructing a little (trust me...the best skills to have are those that can be taught on the beach), people I hung with used to say, "Don't let your mind make bets your body can't cover."

I felt pretty good on the AR skills...of course, that's what I've been practicing. Back to cowboy this week, and a bunch of .22 training.

My favorite scenario from last week was a rockin' "knock-out game" looked perfect! Might post a piece of the iPhone video later this week!

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