Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back From Oregon!

Got back from Crimson Trace M3G yesterday, and -- as always -- had a super time! I didn't shoot the whole match...instead, I parachuted into the cool stages with the exotic hardware. It's always big fun, and if you get a chance to go, it should definitely be on your list!

I put a bunch of rounds through the new S&W M&P .22 Compact. Liked it a bunch. Details on Wednesday's podcast. Ditto on the S&W 929 8-shot Performance Center revolver and the Kimber .380 (Sweet, BTW! Expensive, too).

I've got several guns in house I'll be shooting next week, too, including the super cool Ruger Redhawk KODIAK .44 Magnum 2.75-inch, another TALO exclusive. You guys know I have a thing for, and collect, big bore snubs, and the round-butt Redhawk to me is just about perfect. I love my .454 Alaskan, but I've sorta kicked myself in the butt for not getting the .44 Magnum version. 

I've always liked the Redhawk...if you have a long enough memory, Kem Jorgensen and I took a revolver class with 4-inch .44 Redhawks running .44 Specials, which we featured on SG. People laughed at the big hoglegs at first, but less so when we ran the heavy .44 Specials faster than the .357s.

I've also got one of the first TALO Ruger SP-101 Wiley Clapp versions, with Novaks...too cool! And the JP 9mm GMR-13 carbine.

I'll be a busy boy!

Also, if I can pat myself on the back just a little, last weekend I finished 2nd overall in the local cowboy match. Today I dragged my butt out of bed at zero-dark-thirty to shoot another cowboy match...the scores just came out and I was lucky enough to grab another 2nd overall. It was fun, too...


KMitch200 said...

Micheal Bane - The man who likes silencers and sub 3 inch 44 mags.:)

Norbert said...

RE: the S&W 929. If anyone from S&W reads Michael's blog, how about a 3.5 or 4 inch version? Barrel options can't be that difficult, nothing else has to change.

Anonymous said...

5 1/2" Redhawk on the hip + Marlin 1894 CL in the backpack ski pocket + 20" 870 in your paws = Bug-Out Combo'-Supreme!

Life Member

pigpen51 said...

sorry for the bad place to put this question. Doesn't appendix carry point your gun at your body, which seems to conflict with one of the four 'rules of gun safety, i.e. don't point your gun at anything you are not willing to destroy? Any help you can give me is very much appreciated.

kmitch200 said...

I won't put words into Michael's mouth but I've carried A-IWB for years with a Glock.
90% of the time the gun and holster come off/on as a unit. I use it much the same way I pocket carry.
(The other 10% is live fire practice.)
I balance this rule 2 "violation" by being VERY careful when training and pushing out my strong side hip and dropping that side leg back a bit when reholstering.
Also, I'm NEVER in a hurry to reholster.

Anonymous said...

I reserve "A-IWB" carry to double-actions only. That includes revolvers and semi-auto's. I've never heard of one going "bang" without having the trigger pulled. So, the objective is to never pull the trigger when in the carry mode. I agree with kmitch200 and never re-holster in a hurry AND I follow the safety rule (implied by "k") that I keep my finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

Just to "rip a scab" here, I WILL NOT carry a striker-fired gun that way. RECENTLY, there have been newly designed and released striker guns that went "bang", or "bang-bang" when they weren't supposed to. So, I'll avoid those. I'm not sayin' they're all like that, but.... Why take a risk by carrying something that "half-wound" already? That's just me.

And I'll never carry any of my single-actions that way. Cocked-and-locked is for behind the hip or shoulder-carry. For the latter, I also will not use a horizontal-carry shoulder model. Again, those are for double-actions only! I also worry about those around me.

For whatever it's worth,
Life Member

Jerry from pcola said...

im with mike's squared! I really like my appendix glock 26 with a galco iwb, and pm9 with a Tennessee holster co iwb. As far as safety-- when I draw-- the holster comes off and then I re-holster protecting the trigger before I put them back.

Anonymous said...

Body shape has a lot to do with regard to A-IWB. For those that have "flat bellies" it might be okay, but if the years have added a few pounds/inches to your waistline then there is no way because the grip digs into your stomach and/or the barrel gets pushed into your groin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous @ 6:15 PM,

It wasn't "the years" that added the inches to my mid-section. It was the donut box! When I realized that the weight was having many negative affects on me ESPECIALLY my ability to conceal my guns, I acted. I trimmed-down and feel better. Plus, I can hide a full-sized 1911 easily under a light-weight untucked shirt. I use a Wilson "Featherweight" for the 5" and a no-longer-available Wilson "Covert Carry" for my Commander-length Colt "C.C.O.". Appendix-carry is also enhanced. For that, a Ruger "SP 101-hammerless" hides there very well in an Uncle Mikes cloth IWB. Call it a "five-pack" in a "six-pack".

So, shooting and self-defense can actually improve your health in more ways than one! Talk about an incentive to lose the pounds!

Life Member

pigpen51 said...

thanks for the help. I think for me, owb, strong side, seems to be the fastest and safest of all methods. But I also respect others modes for them.