Saturday, November 15, 2014

Half-Heartedly Snowing... Secret Hidden Bunker II ; about 13 degrees. Which is quantums better than it was last week, when my Sweetie had to deal with 10-below and an off-grid power system that turned itself off (coupled with back-up heat that hadn't been set up to be backup heat. Because she is the smartest person I know, not to mention one of the most stubborn, she stayed outside in the bitter cold and sorted everything out.

As usual, her complete ass of a boyfriend wasn't there to help her out. I'm desperately trying to wrap both SHOOTING GALLERY and THE BEST DEFENSE by the beginning of Thanksgiving week. SHOOTOUT LANE is in the can, but I haven't seen any rough cuts yet. Also got exciting news last week that one of mine and Marshal's pet projects that has been sitting around for a couple of years is now up and running -- an Internet series dedicated specifically to ARs! As always, this will sincerely rock...right now me, Marshal and Nick Collier from DoubleStar are brainstorming content as we speak.

We are DEFINITELY open to suggestions from you guys!!!! I want to deal with different calibers, "purpose-designed" guns, intelligent self-defense training (as in, "Dude, you are NOT going to Syria next week!"), 3-Gun competition, accessories, etc. I know that's pretty vague, but we're moving toward specifics pretty quickly.

For SilencerCo in Utah I went to GUNSITE for an Outdoor Channel event, with Di Liedorff (Team Benelli) and Ryan Muller (Team Stoeger) teaching a "3-Gun 101" class. Shot Ryan's Adam Arms piston competition rifle...sweet! Then Di, Ry and I (Rhymin'Simon strokes again!) went on to FTW Ranch to film for SG. We wanted to try something different, so we all and different rifles to show the concepts were gun-neutral. I used my .300 Win Mag Ruger Guide Gun, Di a 6.5 Creedmore Ruger Hawkeye, Producer John Carter a box-stock .308 Ruger American, Ryan a McRee Precision BR-10 in .300 Win Mag. Ken Jorgensen from Ruger also joined us with a 1-off Hawkeye.

Gotta say that 200+ rounds of 180-grain .300 Win Mag over a few days will wear you down! And make you a believer in PAST Recoil Shields!


Dan said...

Show ideas:
-SBR/SIG-braced pistols
-Optimum optic for 300 BLK for both super- and sub-sonic ammo
-Optimum barrel length for a PDW per caliber

Overload in Colorado said...

More show ideas:
Free float barrel vs non for weight and accuracy
DI vs Piston for weight, accuracy, reliability, price, etc
Do the twist: different barrel twists and their effect on different bullet weights for accuracy and barrel length
Metal coatings: for barrrels, bolts, etc. Advantages, disadvanges, worth it?
When is an AR not an AR: variations on the basic AR design

Speaking of this show, where can I view it?

Michael Bane said...

Overload,, for once it's going to be internet based!

Keep those ideas coming!


Abu fitna said...

A few ideas for you

Polymer 80% lower milling and build

5.45 barrel wear and results

9mm mag well and mag type variants

Ultra light weight / weight saving builds

Foreign AR variants and mods (ie Taiwan, PRC clones)

Totalitarian state compliant variants, including pump and single shot / bolt actions plus featureless stock sets.

Conventional garand / m14 stock versus ar 6 position stock. Test for useability problems / manipulation and accuracy across body types for different shooters, debunk banners bullshit by showing this is a needed ergonomics for precision control not something scary or evil.

Sost vs brown tip vs 262 gel tests

Anonymous said...

Speaking of barrels, awhile back, I read an article that featured a guy that shot an AR in target competition that used a barrel with polygonal rifling like a Glock. It was a custom job (hammer-forged) that was in 6.0 or 6.5 mm Grendel, if I remember correctly. The data quoted was sub-MOA and he said that he never had to clean it. I've never heard anyone mention such a thing since though. He was a consistent winner too. And oh yeah, it was in a printed magazine article, not from the web. ; )

Anyone else heard of it?

Life Member

KevinC said...

Building for light weight vs building for long range.

If you could put one thing and one thing only on your rail, what would it be?

Training with a .22LR is a given, maybe pistol-caliber AR's as well?

Speaking of calibers, something on taking your AR out beyond 300 yards, (i.e 6.5mm, 6.8 SPC, .243 WSSM, etc).

Which segues nicely into hunting with an AR-15.

And Allen will buy you a bottle of Herradura Reposado if you do a show on the new Sig Sauer MCX. :D

Anonymous said...

A non gun topic but just as important, how about a segment on features of the new Hidden Bunker?

Michael Bane said...

Been writing a little about Secret Hidden Bunker II on Cheaper Than Dirt's newsletter. On next week's podcast, I talk about how our redundant redundant systems failed in the current polar vortex and how we could have avoided that right nippy failure.

Basically, if you're living off grid, little bitty things come back to BITE YOU VICIOUSLY IN THE BUTTOCKS if you slip up even a little.


Overload in Colorado said...

Thinking of it more as working out the bugs or a shakedown cruise of a new ship.

Unknown said...

To Anonymous

Check out Black Hole Barrels for a polygonal barrel. I built a 300 AAC BLK pistol with one of their 7.5" barrels. Tactical Ammunition puts their uppers together. I'm not sure about not cleaning. I don't think I could do such a thing.