Wednesday, November 19, 2014

More Gun Porm

X95 vs TAVOR


Anonymous said...

Momma always said, "ugly is as ugly does".

Anonymous said...

Shot the X95 last week at a SWAT Roundup in Orlando. Even shooting as a righty, but being a lefty, it was easy to do three round bursts from full auto, and a whole lot of fun.

St Paul

Michael Bane said...


Having now put a bunch of rounds through the X95, I'd buy one TOMORROW if a civilian version was available (I'm hearing 2 years minimum on the semi 16-incher). I found it to be super controllable in burst, and the 9mm version is on par with my JP 9mm, which is as good as it gets. Since it's an IDF-issued gun, there are dedicated lefty versions available over here. I really like the forward mounted magazine release button, and I'm trying to get used to Tavor system bolt release.

I think there's something to be said for guns designed by front line troops instead of a government committee. I've had a chance to work a little with the IWI instructors cadre--all IDF Special Forces veterans--and I'm seeing the Tavor in an even better light.

In fact, I'm going to dink my Tavor, which already has a really nice Geiselle trigger...going to the slightly higher top rail to bring it to AR standard height for optics...maybe change out the flash hider for a comp...Jerry M is very big on his own comp design on his Tavor. Then run it in a class.

Am also interested in taking their "sniper" 18-inch version to some place like FTW and see what happens when you push the distance out on the little gun ( let's assume 500 and in for the a 7.62...hmmmmmm).

BTW, the QC set-up at IWI is impressive, because they're building war guns for sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc. It might sound cliched, but it's definitely more than a "just a job" for the people working there.


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