Sunday, November 09, 2014

Spent the Whole Sunday Reclining...

...and shooting my .300 Win Mag Ruger Guide Gun at 300-700 yards. I know we all occasionally fall in love with specific guns, bur truly if I had to run out of the house with one single rifle ( bolt-action rifle), it'd be this one. .300 Win Mag is so versatile, and the Guide Gun with it's super (and loud) muzzle brake, is just perfect. At least to me. It cries out for a SilencerCo "Harvester" suppressor!


Anonymous said...

Here's some food for thought while you recline Michael:

In the article, it says that the "proposal" was met with a "warm reception from Ruger". I'll be fact-checking that with Ruger's CEO.

I'm not jumping to conclusions, but I hope that we aren't going to be fed another alliance as we were with "Billy Liar" and S&W back in the 90's.

The reader's comments listed at the end of the post speak volumes.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

I have said it a thousand times. The 2A community has confused manufacturers of guns with defenders of their God given rights. Let me make the analogy that Rev Martin Luther King and the black community would ally themselves with voting machine and lunch counter manufacturers. It makes no sense. Yes some gun makers are good 2A guys. Others, like the ammo maker of Ted Nugent ammo, support anti gun guys like Gov Andy Cuomo. Or Bill Ruger. Or many others to our detriment. So to expect that the business folk would give up business over a citizens right is just expecting too much. I can only think of one who did so in the past couple of DECADES. Ronnie Barrett. And let us be kind. He was and is making money hand over fist with mil contracts.

Stu Nod said...

How about now anonymous'??