Friday, December 26, 2014

A Harsh Reality

 They pit the lifers against the new boy and the young against the old. The black against the white. Everything they do is to keep us in our place.
-- BLUE COLLAR, 1978

A couple of days ago before Christmas I wrote a really searing blog post on the complicity of our so-called "leaders" on the LEO assassinations in New York. I decided, upon reflection, not to post it. I thought I needed to make some different points...yes, Barry and Eric and Al and Bill are complicit in the delegitimizing of the police that led directly to the deaths. The concept of delegitimizing the agencies of representative government by the creation of chaos is one of the standard — and most reliable — tools of the leftist/fascist revolutionary.

The idea is to "prove" that the government no longer has control of its own streets or that, in fact, the legitimate authorities are actually agents of oppression (the war on cops); to "prove" that the legal structures of the representative government no longer work (the war on the courts and the grand jury system); to "prove" that the legal protections of the old system are insufficient responses to the "new" social environment (the war on due process waged in many arenas, including on college campuses on the so-called "rape culture"); to "prove" that the leftist/fascist concept of "social justice"cannot be met by the existing representative government and therefore demands a new system.

Any of this sound familiar? Is that the sniiiiiiick of a guillotine blade I hear? The Czar Nicholas II fleeting St. Petersburg? Che and Fidel triumphantly rolling into Havana on 1 January 1959? There are lots more examples — c'mon people! There are books and books written about this stuff, manuals with handy, proven techniques for destabilizing a First World country (not the least of which is Rules for Radicals; I might also suggest Anarchism: A Collection of Revolutionary Writings by Peter Kropotkin, a formative book for me).

Do I think the Great Fool in the White House is orchestrating this? No…he's just not that smart. However, the race hustlers like Al Sharpton and the masterminds behind Obama's agenda such as terrorist Bill Ayers, who practically invented our current President, know this as well as I do. But the "great progressive moment" in American politics is now in shambles. It turns out that contrary to the Newsweek cover on February 2009, which trumpeted "We Are All Socialists Now," we aren't.  Americans aren't moving to the left, don't want to be a prole the new Socialist Republic of Amerika and are pretty sick and tired of the whole bucket of crap delivered by the Democratic Party.

We would like our country back, thank you.

But we have now entered an era of unprecedented danger. Unfortunately, progressivism never dies. The socialist/fascist/National Socialism/share-the-wealth/"social justice" concepts of the ruling oligarchy "managing" the rest of us poor bastards off the sweat of our own labor is like the monster in every movie since CARRIE (the original, not the wretched remake) matter how many times you kill it, the dead hand bursts from the grave and pulls us back down.

This from Michael Walsh at PJ Media:

The men behind Obama took a calculated gamble in 2008 that the nation was ready for the first post-American president, a man with no meaningful cultural roots in the nation he would profess to lead.  They relied on the intrinsic good-heartedness of the electorate to show their lack of prejudice in voting for a man with an exotic Arabic/Muslim name only seven years after the atrocity of Sept. 11. They counted on the innate good will of the American people, judged that the time was right for a black president, and then went out and found the only half-black candidate who had absolutely nothing to do with the black American experience and ran him as an avatar of black America.
... America was warned, early on, that beneath the smiling facade of Barack Hussein Obama was a very angry man. The smile and the shoeshine got him elected but since that day he has waged unremitting war on the country as founded, pillorying the nation, putting it in the dock, and making us all atone for its sins. Obama’s is a presidency-as-payback, and the “transformation” is meant to ensure that it is permanently hobbled. The animus positively radiates from him.

I think many of Obama's most ardent followers thought for sure that by Year 6 we'd be in the Workers' Paradise, with Obamaphones and caviar for everyone...except those of us working to pay for it all, of course. Our role would be to "check our privilege," shut up and keep paying taxes.

And now those most ardent followers, especially the media, for who the phrase useful idiots seems to be tailor-made, are really really pissed off. No Obamaphones! No social justice! The narrative is failing! For the media sycophants, the race hustlers, the hate America Faux revolutionaries, that dacha by the sea is fading away as we speak. For the millions of college students warehoused in "big box" hotbeds of political correctness, hey, a future of work is so much less fun than chanting rehashed revolutionary slogans that were old, hoary and false when  their professors chanted them in 1967, smoking dope much better than their professors smoked in 1967 and getting laid. Whoops! Scratch that last one. Unless you can get a sworn affidavit from the member of the opposite sex that he/she/any of the 37 "genders" referenced on FaceBook and have video proof of "yes means yes" compliance at each step of the activity previously known as "sex," you're screwed. Well, metaphorically speaking.

In his 1938 text The Anatomy of Revolution (you've read it, right?) Crane Brinton noted that the revolutionary "moment" occurs not at at the lowest ebb of a culture, but rather when rising expectations are thwarted. Progressives rode the rising expectation of "fundamental change" right up until they ran smack into the American exceptionalism. Despite what one might read from the pampered elites at Brandeis University -- "Amerikka needs an intifada...enough is enough" -- the proletariat are not rising up in support of the progressive agenda. Quite the opposite.

With professional "protesters" fueled by a sense of rage over lost opportunities and missing Obamaphones, enabled by a 24-hour news cycle controlled by our blood enemies and given tacit approval by our supposed leaders, we potentially face a level of violence not seen since the 1960s. And that's not even counting the increased threat from those other fascists for the Middle East! 

If I may slaughter a quote by W. H. Auden, "I smell blood and a generation of prominent madmen."


Alien said...

From the Michael Walsh piece you quoted: "...really, the GOP wing of the Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party..."

There now being no difference between Democrat and Republican save media love or hatred, there's little likelihood of Constitutional restoration from Washington; that drives the battle to the states (which is probably where it should have been all along. After all, we're The United States of America, not America With An All Powerful Central Government And Fifty Insignificant Subdivisions).

And a battle it will be. Kurt Schlicter (who wrote Conservative Insurgency, well worth the read, as is Rules for Conservatives: A Response to Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky) recently penned a fictional secession piece at about the breakup of the U.S. into two parts, the bi-coastal Blue America and the central Red America. It won't get that far, but we've been seeing parts of it manifest for a while: businesses, and people, are slowly migrating from Blue to Red, and I expect that to accelerate as Blue states find federal largesse isn't enough and increase their levies on both money and freedom.

I don't know where the tipping point is, but it's undeniable there is one. Surely, the guillotine you mention will be built, but on whom it winds up being used may surprise quite a few. And, after that, it will do one hell of a job chopping onions for salads. Just watch your fingers.

Anonymous said...

Increasingly unstable times sounds like a great background against which to sell "The NEW Survival Guns." Just sayin'. ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours, Michael.


KevinC said...

In your copious amounts of spare time (HAH!) Walter Russell Mead's work on the death of the Blue social model has been outstanding and the guide post I've used these past two years. The elaborate social/cultural machinery of the technocrats have built of the past 100 years is falling into disrepair, and we're going thru a period of social upheaval not seen since the days of the 19th/20th century Anarchists, and the Chartists before that.


The question is, what will replace old-school Progressivism? Are we going through the French Revolution, or the American Revolution? God help us if it's the former.

That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Anonymous said...

The thing about the “blue flight” phenomenon is that the people fleeing the socialist regimes come to red territories and they don’t change their behavior to assimilate. Instead they whine & rail about how it ought to be, and before you know it your red territory is showing some light blue. Then more flee the same place and over crowd the region with blue. You don’t notice at first, but you’ve been infiltrated ( or would invaded be a better description ). At the next election cycle a far left socialist wins in numerous elections.

Think it won’t happen to you? Think again.

New Yorkers are running out of places to colonize. They’ve occupied New Jersey, Maryland and have set their sights on Virginia. They didn’t come to Virginia to live in a red state, they came to Virginia to turn it into New York South.

We as a society cannot allow one or a few segments of our society to misbehave and excuse that behavior like was done in Ferguson. Rioters should have been dealt with, not given a free pass because there was no indictment. Because the next time will be worse, and eventually we’re going to have the rioting spread to multiple cities or areas and we will be unprepared for it.

Chuck said...

@ Anon 7:01 - RE: "Blue Colonization" - it's our job to see that doesn't happen. When a Blue Refugee moves in it's up to us to, first, welcome them to our side, and point out that they're here exactly because where they're from became untenable.

"We like it here because it's not where you're from. Welcome aboard." I'd suggest the welcome basket should include a list of gun shops, shooting ranges, and conservative political organizations.

KevinC said...

Having seen "blue colonization" up-close and personal in Arizona, where the town of Prescott is now populated primarily by refugees from California, I tend to subscribe that the people leaving the hellholes of Blue states are the ones who don't like it there, and want a change. Despite all the influx from the west, Prescott is no more liberal now than it was 20 years ago, the liberals of California tend to go to places like Portland or Seattle where their views can be reinforced.

America has one of the most internally-mobile populations in the world (I'm proof of that!). Unlike Europe, where your birthplace is your destiny, if you don't like your life in your town in America, MOVE!

Anonymous said...

I think we are SOL, today's Day by Day cartoon pretty much nails it. To many people working on "feelings" instead of common sense or thought.
But look on the bright side, in France, Robespierre and his circle went to the guillotine, in Russia the first ones the Bolsheviks killed were their fellow socialists, in Germany the original concentration camps weren't built for Jews, they were built for SA members who would not get with the new program, in Vietnam it was the former VC who were liquidated first.
Revolutions always kill of the useful idiots first, then they go after their opponents. So at least will will be able to laugh at the liberals as the trains go by heading "East" before they come for us.

Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Anonymous said...

Was born and have lived all 60 years in Southern California, so I've seen the cows come and the cows go.

For the first time in many years I am optimistic about the future of the American culture and 2nd Amendment.

Because of a series of well planned lawsuits, our right to conceived carry has been re-established in California and a recent case tossed out the illegal ten day waiting period for a firearms purchase.

The last election was a loud message to the progressives that their policies have failed.

Yes, The One is still in power but he will soon take his place in the dustbin of failure. He will have a lot of company.

Be patient my friends, and cling to your values and your guns, for they will not let you down.

nj larry said...

To those who are troubled by the social upheavals of the day, take a moment to look back. This nation has gone thru long periods of tension before. Tensions that ended with bullets and bloodshed. Yet we survived. The latter years of the 19th century and early 20th saw the dislocation and disruption of the post civil war. The rise of all sorts of intrrnational movements. Anarchists were the feared crazies of the time. An interesting side bar is the history of what are called "armories " across the North East most especially New York. These enormous military structures in the heart of America's largest city packed with new immigrants were to defend against some sort of popular uprising. Like I said it is a wonderful insight into the times.

Sheepdog1968 said...

I just keep telling myself Michael that in two years all will be better with a new president. Congress can control BHO till then. Of course, if Hillary wins, you might find me as an off grid next door neighbor. I will trade you firewood for DVDs of your shows as I won't have a TV connection to the outside world at that point.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Since I'm writing from behind the lines (John has a long mustache,) I find it insulting that the media changed the colors on us. Remember the Reagan elections turned "Red" control to "Blue"? Socialists ha e always been the Reds, lets turn that back!
Politicly, I'm waiting to see what my new Governor, Larry Hogan does with the office. His main platform was fiscal responsibility, which is why he won in a democrat controlled state after 8 yrs. of Martin O'Malley's spending and graft. (Watch out, he has presidential ambitions, you don't want this man ANYWHERE near the White House)
But Hogan is far from a conservative, dispite his fiscal stance. Maryland wouldn't go for a real conservative with so many Fed employees infesting the suburban counties surrounding D.C. Time will tell......

SiGraybeard said...

Linked back from my little place. Two days in a row, no less.