Thursday, December 04, 2014

Finally, Some Good News!

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Anaconda to Swallow Man Whole on Discovery Special 'Eaten Alive'

Wouldn't it be great if Discovery could do this like AMERICAN IDOL and we could all vote on who we would like to see eaten alive? Hey, I know who I'd vote for! No, not Jon Voigt. It's not as cool when you read the whole story, to wit, they're not just going to throw people into a pit of starving anacondas — which admit it, would pull good numbers, especially you tossed Jennifer Lopez in as an appetizer. Instead, some dofus is going to don an Anaconda Digestive Tract Diving Suit and boldly go where no man has gone before, at least not gone and ended up anaconda poop. And isn't it a great world when you can Google "anaconda poop" and actually get videos? Such a time we live in!!!


KevinC said...

Sung to the tune of "Cool Clear Water"

All day I face the TV was without a trace of culture
pure culture
With soapbox operas all day long and giveaway shows that
run too long
and lead you on
from culture
Pure… sweet… culture

The sun goes down, and around the town you hear the
cry for culture
Sweet culture
While lawyers grin, and cops will win, the stop the sin of
Culture Pure… culture


Sheepdog1968 said...

Hi Michael,
I've heard you mention a few times on your podcast that you shoot a browning side by side in cowboy shooting. I've been interested in getting a side by side for the various clay shooting I like to do. I want a side by side because I want a side by side. Mostly looking at the BSS. Did you chamfer the chambers for easy loading? Anything else you do to it? Any chance I could see a photo? Any thoughts on English vs pistol grip style stocks? Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anaconda poop ?
MB, You didn't google that did you ?
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Michael Bane said...

Of course I did, Tom!!! I Google everything…gives the NSA analysts something to do.And Tom,my Sweetie said the same thing you did (on the Forums) when I mentioned the huge, new project looming in the future. I believe the exact quote was, "You are $%#^ing kidding me!"

Sheepdog…I love the BSS…mechanical reset…hardcore tank-like 1970s construction. You probably can't break the things. Evil Roy convinced me to go with the BSS over the SKB or any of the less expensive "coach guns"…of which I've broken my share.

Bought mine "as-new-in-box" from the Gun Room at the Cabela's in Kansas City — my friend Stuart Barber stumbled onto it one day and called me immediately. My plain vanilla with the typical U.S. pistol grip stocks, came with not only the box but receipts, tracking, etc. I was offered double what I paid (around $900) by a collector, but I bought it to shoot it. It's been "cowboyed" — the barrels cut and rethreaded for chokes (I use Modified usually), cylinder chamfered to practically 11 gauge, automatic safer changed to manual, action smoothed out. It is a wonderful gun.

Yes, they're heavy…the BSSes aren't upland guns. But I've kinda thought like you have…maybe get a BSS for clays. Price is creeping up, of course, but not as fast as Winchester 21s. I do love them and may eventually go that way…unless, of course, I stumbled on a beat-up reasonably priced Browning Superposed that has somehow missed the attention of Larry Potterfield…

Read this Daily Caller piece:

Michael B

Michael Bane said...

PS: I'll get a picture and put it up on the blog…warning…after literally thousands and thousands of rounds, it's a bit beat up…


Anonymous said...

"'s a bit beat up…" =>

Nicely broken in :-)


ELIMN8U said...

Anaconda Poop....that there alone was worth the price of admission ;)

Anonymous said...

Michael, why has the Sticher site not been updated since your November 5 podcast?

Sheepdog1968 said...

Thanks Michael. I look forward to the photos and the patina of hard use. I most likely will get the chambers chamfered. Hope to find a 26" bbl one (don't think I have the heart to chop it down) with fixed mod barrels (what my current pump has).

_DonWorsham_ said...

Forget this talk of .22 rifles, I need your best of the best margarita recipe.

Overload in Colorado said...

Unless it's evolved since then.