Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Inescapable Call of the Range

So the temperature FINALLY crept above freezing! My Sweetie and I took the Newt-ster on a long hike, where we got to watch a small heard of mulies watching us and an absolutely magnificent bald eagle watching Newt...intensely. The eagle made a couple of passes and decided that Newt was a mite big for a birdie's supper, then grabbed a thermal and was high and out of sight in a heartbeat. Gotta love eagles. Hiking gun is the TALO 2.75-inch round butt Redhawk loaded with Buffalo Bore .44 Special antipersonnel ammo, a little less than 950 fps hard-cast 200-grain wadcutters. I so love that gun! Been carrying it in a Ted Blocker field holster on a TB belt, which is just about perfect.

As soon as I got back to the Bunker, I decided to answer the inescapable call of the range for at least a few minutes, so I grabbed 2 new Kahr Arms guns that were just crying out to be shot.

The first is one of the CW380 Davidson's exclusives in...wait for it...wait for it...purple.

I think purple may be my color. It shot just like every other Kahr .380 I've shot, which is to say very, very good. I'm just going to say this right out front...I like funky colored guns. I guess that blows to smithereens whatever dregs of "taticool" I might ever have had (not much, to be sure!). I cranked off about 25 rounds of old Winchester 95-grain flat-nosed ball at my 20-yard "winter plate"— no problems with the gun; the plate rang with boring regularity. The little Kahrs, in my experience, all shoot like houses afire, and the CW at $419 MSRP is a steal. As well as fashionable as all get-out!

At least, I think so.

Second gun was one of the "Value Series" CW9s with a burnt bronze slide. As you all know, burnt bronze is the new FDE, and by the end of SHOT Show you'll be totally absorbed into the Burnt Bronze Borg.

How did this Kahr shoot? Let me put it this way...I don't need another little 9mm...I don't need another little 9mm...I don't need another little 9mm...but I will be hard pressed not to buy this one! I ran more than half a box of Armscor 124-hr ball through it with, of course, no problems at all. Running a Kahr DA only trigger is like running a really good revolver trigger — which I've been doing a lot of this year —so it was a snap to keep the winter plate humming! While the snob in me might want to go to a P9, one of the higher soot Kahrs, the CW, with its slightly larger size then it's little brother, the PM9,  is just a superb shooter...for less than $500 MSRP. I wish it came with more than one magazine, but, OTOH, I wish it wouldn't snow when I want to go to the range.

[Here's my usual caveat...Kahr Arms is not a sponsor of any of my shows or properties, although they have been in the past and I hope they'll be in the future. They just make real good guns. Neither Armscor, Buffalo Bore nor Ted Blocker are sponsors of any of my products. Ruger...c' already know that!]

I'll do more on these guys in the new year! Which is coming real soon!

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Bill Lester said...

Michael, I agree with you about Kahr. Granted my experience is limited to just one example, a CW45, but it has been excellent. I've had exactly one FTF during break-in and that was some time ago. Since then it's been perfect in function and quite good in accuracy. Now equipped with a Viridian green laser, it is my regular CCW when a Model 649 in the pocket just doesn't feel like enough gun.