Friday, January 16, 2015

A Great Bog Ole Sigh Day...

…today was a perfect day to be on the range. So I sat in my office staring out at my range, staring out my shooting bench, staring at the sunshine, and working like a CRAZY MAN to be ready for SHOT next week!

Of course, I'm not. Marshal asked me for a list of "must visit" companies for both Monday Media Day and the overall Show. The Media Day list would take, like, 2 days to get through. Forget the main list. Still, there are a couple of things that stand out:

• As I said more than a month ago on the podcast, this is the Year of the Pistol Caliber Carbine. Nine-mil carbines have blossomed like cactus in the spring here at the Secret Hidden Bunker II.

• It's also a Pistol Caliber Pistol year, that is, both the AR variants (check out Angstadt Arms) and a flood of carbine/submachinegun pistol variants like the announced Uzi PRO and the CZ Scorpion EVO.

• This will be the Year of the Prepper, survival gone big-time mainstream.

• It's a New Product Year — there has been pent-up new products while companies filled the flood of Obama-orders…the results will be visible at SHOT.

I'm hoping for some eclectic-tissity, please GOD no more "innovative AR rail systems that break the mold!!!"

I actually think this might qualify:

I got an email on this baby this morning. It's a Korth Sky Marshal 9mm revolver. The German Korths have always been considered the Rolls Royces of the revolver work, with their MSRPs hovering around the cost of a couple of a couple of Wilson Combat ARs or a relatively crummy, but serviceable, Kia Sportage. I've handled Korth .357 revolvers — and they are indeed the evolved version of the Colt Python — but I can'r recall ever firing one. No sane person would trust me not to break it, probably.

Anyway, the Sky Marshal is a 6-shot 9mm that loads without moon clips. It features a rail on the right side for mounting a light and it looks…Germanic, or perhaps like the odd love child of a Chiappa Rhino 2-inch and an S&W Night Guard .327. I wish it was in .44 Special, in which case I'd get a bank loan and have one in a minute!


_DonWorsham_ said...

can't wait to see that one in the movies..._

Unknown said...

"It's also a Pistol Caliber Pistol year," Wouldn't that be rifle caliber pistols.

Michael Bane said...

...or both...


Unknown said...

I am still waiting on a 9mm pump rifle that uses glock mags. Perfect pistol caliber prepper purchase.

Overload in Colorado said...

If you had $5000 to buy a pistol, would you get a Kort revolver or a Cabot 1911?

gunman42782 said...

That is one ugly revolver.

John said...

You won't need $5K to buy the Korth. It has a MSRP of (believe it or not) $975 according to the Korth people at Media Day.

I shot it.

It is very, very, very sweet. Smooth double action trigger pull that stacks just before the break. The trigger feels like it is on ball bearings.

It isn't snappy feeling like the Ruger LCR 9mm. Could be because it is a bit heavier.

I am putting it on my list for a not-hypothetical possible purchase.