Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lucid P7 4X Optic

The best product I didn't see at SHOT:

I ran into Jason Wilson as I was being towed hither and yon across the SHOT SHOW, and I was passing he told me about the P7 and how I'd have to see it…of course, I didn't make it, since I didn't make it anywhere that wasn't on The List.

So Jason, here's the specs on the new 4X P7:

• Featuring the NEW P7 Reticle.
• Auto Brightness Sensor - So the operator does not have to take a hand off the weapon to manipulate the reticle brightness when going from a bright environment to a darker one.
• Reversible Mounting Pins - We made the mounting pins reversible so the Bull Pup weapons can utilize the HD7 with out cracking the knuckles of the operator when the bolt carrier needs charged (thanks, Jason!).
• AA Battery — An economical and readily available power source for offering over 2500 hours on a single AA battery.
• Mounting — A robust Picatinny rail mount is built in for secure and rock solid mounting to most weapons platforms.
• 100% Waterproof, Shockproof & Fogproof — Because you never know what environmental conditions you will be in when you need to rely on your weapon system.
• Available“Killflash” filter.

I have found my HD7 to be a tank. It's mounted on my Tavor and likely to stay there. I'll get one of the P7s as soon as I can and let you all know how it works. BTW, $439 MSRP.

Thanks, guys…and this year —THIS YEAR! — I'll get to your long-distance training event in Wyoming!


Sheepdog1968 said...

Speaking of optics, a good friend of mine was very impressed with the Leupold D-EVO. When combined with a red dot, it is kind of like a bifocal. With a very slight head movement you can go from 1x red dot to 6x magnification. I'm intrigued and would love to hear a range report from you. Here's a link I found that talks about it and has some good photos.

Unknown said...

Budget friendly alternative to an acog.

Unknown said...
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