Tuesday, January 13, 2015

As We Sprint to SHOT...

...even as the Colorado Legislature prepares to repeal the ridiculous Michael Bloomberg magazine capacity limit, the former Colorado company of Magpul has announced on their FaceBook page the SHOT SHOW stunner, a 60-round drum for the AR-15:
The PMAG D-60. Sixty rounds. Reliable, durable, lightweight, shorter than a 30 rd mag, and full of features that make it extremely easy to use. MSRP $129.95. Please note that transparent back and cut-away versions were for testing purposes only, and the solid drum with round indicator window is the variant that will be offered for sale. Shipping Spring/Summer 2015, but you can get a sneak peak of the drum in action at ATAC range day before SHOT show.
Shorter than a 30-rounder...that is just too cool! 

The Repeal looks good at this point:
The magazine bill isn't popular with several Democrats, which means it could pass the legislature by as much as 21-14 in the Senate and 34-31 in the House.
Even if our moron of a governor, who has admitted repeatedly that the mag law was a huge huge mistake, decides to take more money from Michael Bloomberg and veto the Repeal, I am lucky enough to have owned at least 4 of these prior to the July 1 2014 activation date of the Bloomberg law!!!


Publicola said...

Hmm I couldn't find anything to back up the assertions that some dems will go for repeal, although it's certainly probable.

What is troubling is that the repeal bills (mag ban & ubc) are in the house, slated to go to the kill committee. According to my math, of the 11 members of the state, veterans, & military affairs committee, 5 dems voted for the bans last time around, & the newbie dem that didn't vote for them was at the time working for another dem that did vote for them. Still, she may be swayable. I'm going to assume all the repubs would vote for repeal & hope I'm right.

Ryden, the assistant dem whip heads the committee, & our ol' pal Joe "you can't tell if you're being raped" Salazar is the vice chair. Should be interesting to see how they hold the hearings, especially since I know Hullinghorst, Hickenlooper & their boss Bloomie the Hut want those bills cremated.

Michael Bane said...

I agree, Pub…it's going to be tough…

BTW, thanks for the email…let me get past the SHOT SHOW and I'd LOVE to have a Garand-A-Palooza!


Anonymous said...

And Liam Neeson, the action-flick star is once again on his soapbox claiming that the Paris assassinations are "...because we have too damn many guns, especially in the United States", or something very close to that quote. How about cars and swords Sir Liam?

He's the guy that stars in films that feature a lead character using guns of all types to rescue loved ones in somewhat probable situations. But, he doesn't feel that we have the right to protect ourselves.

I WILL NOT PATRONIZE any of his films, not matter how entertaining they are.

With a population of 320 million in America and 300 to 400 million guns, if guns are the cause of killings, there wouldn't be anyone here to read my note.

Life Member

Rastus said...

So you are in Colorado and you loaned your mags to a buddy in Tulsa. Does that mean you can reclaim them? Or....do you have to leave them with that buddy in Tulsa?

Unknown said...

Can't we get one of the governer's staff members to state he'll pass the repeal? Then he'll have to pass it!