Friday, September 04, 2015

The Friday Before Labor Day

I think I'm having a "can't cope" attack. I've forgotten how much I hate dealing with doctors, hospitals and such, which actually makes me a lucky person since I haven't had to do it very much.

I think it's great that USPSA has created a new division, Carry Optics.  I believe this is absolutely the right time for this division, as self-defense handguns will be moving more and more toward red dot optics, and I applaud USPSA Prez Phil Strader's actions in using it forward.

I will definitely be shooting this division, probably initially with a G19/RMR set-up, but my goal is to move to a Sig Sauer 320 Carry, also with an RMR...that's a little ways down the line. I want to talk to Sigmeister Bruce Gray about the plan before I go forward. There's a couple of other options to consider as well.

I'ms also talking to Eric Galloway about a red dot install on my Kahr's a pix of the Galloway mount on a CM-9:

Another option I'm looking at are the new generation Gen2 Premium TP-9s that come optic-ready with high sights from Kahr. The TP9s are awesome pistols, slightly shorter than a G19, a wee bit longer in the butt and lighter.:


Anonymous said...

Maybe Glock will now release G17 and G19 MOS models.

Anonymous said...

Glick already released the G-40, A 10mm with 6 inch barrel And optic sight (I forget what kind) bringing hand gun hunting into the 21st century .
Now that we are getting cobbled together versions the next step is a pistol that incorporates an optic sight right from the design stage.
Thomas C Bogan
Laconia NH

KevinC said...

Too late. CZ's are already ready to dominate with optics-ready versions of the P-09, and Hitler's upset about this as well :D :

Michael Bane said...

You CZ fanbois!

KevinC, are you gonna shoot the new division?


KevinC said...

No way, I'll keep the red dots on the AR's. Heck, I don't even shoot Tac Optics in 3 Gun, much less optics on a pistol.

It's interesting, though, that USPSA/IDPA are catching up with the realities of the concealed carry/tactical world, rather than the tactical world taking their cues from the competition world.

Which speaks volumes about how practical shooting organizations have kept pace with today's shooting culture.

KevinC said...

Besides, I suck so much, rather than drop$2k on a new gun and red dot, I'd get FAR more benefit from $2k worth of ammo, match fees and training. A Class Poduction is my goal right now.

Anonymous said...

G40 is a swing and a bunt. No support for co_witnessed irons.


Joe in Memphis said...

Michael, who would you trust to mill the slide on a 320 for a red dot?