Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

This is my knee, and yes, it does look like hammered shit. I'm moving better on the crutches now, and I meet with the orthopedists early next week to see whether it'd time to change braces and suck it up and start rehab. Still on the heavy duty drugs but have them down to a couple just before nite nite (as opposed to handfuls every few hours).

Gonna spend some time shooting handguns tomorrow…hopefully the concentration effort won't put me back in bed the way it did before. Managed to cook dinner last night — blazing shrimp scampi — and not poison anyone. Gonna work with the Kahr CW9, the Glock G26 and the Ruger SR9c. I suspect most of my shooting will be from a seated position, maybe with chilled lemonade and some bonbons.

I still don't think I can get into a decent prone position…well, maybe I can get into it, but it would take a crane to get me out.

So what do you think…too much????????????????????? 


James said...

What? No muddy girl scheme crutches?

Hoping for a fast recovery for you, Michael.

Anonymous said...

Look at the bright side. It gives you a chance to finish "The NEW Survival Guns" that you"ve been promising us for years. :)

In all seriousness, get well soon!

- Drifter

_DonWorsham_ said...

So, which arm does the crutch go under, or do you need both crutches?

Anonymous said...

I want to see more fiction :-)

Wishing you a smooth recovery.


nj larry said...

Looks like Verizon FIOS has dropped both the Sportsmans channel AND Outdoor channel. Hope you and your team realize that niche shows on cable are traveling down the railway track heading for the Bridge on the River Kwai. Pls concentrate your future efforts on independent MB owned vehicles on the webby (ala what Art Bell has recently done).

As regards the knee, feel better. This too shall pass. You mentioned the D word a couple of times. Sure don't want to see the popo come and take your guns away or you pull a Hemingway over something as stupid as a knee. Remember the beautiful surfer girl who got her FREAKING ARM BIT OFF BY A SHARK. She got on her board in a couple of weeks and went on to have a happy full life.

Bob said...

Hi Michael,
Could you also talk about the legal ramifications if any about concealed carry and precription pain medications.

Get well soon


KevinC said...

You can still kick @$$ on crutches. Heck, if anything, it gives more leverage to your swing! Talk to some of those wackos who make the off-road golf carts and see if they can't up the amperage on the scooter: I know for a fact that given a good downhill slope, you CAN four-wheel drift a golf cart, so who knows they can do with a scooter!

Take care,


Patrick said...

is that a Cerakote job on the crutches?? :)

Wishing you a quick recovery, Michael. All the best from Kansas City...


Unknown said...

Needs some Hello Kitty came.

egnash said...

My left knee looked like that in June. Total knee replacement. Not for the faint of heart but the pain will pass and with it, the drugs.

Do your Physical Therapy diligently but do it gently. I've gone from a walker to a cane, and now about half-time on the cane. But I'm older than you... ;)

Get healthy!! We need you to stay in the fight!!


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