Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Yes, I Can Still Return Fire! Sorta...

Surgery #1 completed…quad is now reattached to the kneecap. So after a bit of rehab…4-6 months worth…I'm ready for the knee replacement surgery.

The orthopedic surgeon made an interesting point. Apparently the tendon connecting the quads to the kneecap was in such bad shape that in his opinion the tendon would have self-destructed pretty soon even without a fall. If its gotta happen, I'd rather it happen here at the Bunker than on some far-flung mountain on the far side of the world!

My plan at this point is since I have to come off the road for a while, I'm going to go to 2 DOWN RANGE Radio podcasts a week. I'm also going to put together some fun stuff over on DRTV. Lots of gun stuff to do as well, most notably to tune myself up for the new USPSA provisional Carry Optics division.

I'm of course talking about various and sundry fun plans to keep my mind off the fact that Ye Old Knee hurts like screaming all get-out…am waiting for the pain killers to kick in (oh please oh please, oh please!). more when I quit gritting my teeth! Also, check with my FaceBook page as well...


Unknown said...

I'm glad all went well and best of luck with your recovery.

JohninMd.(HELP?!??) said...

Did they let ya hang on to that "SECURITY BLANKET" yer holding in the picture, or were they afraid you'd use it on the surgical staff? As the proud owner of two bum knees, I feel ya, Brother. "Keep calm, and return fire!"

Sheepdog1968 said...

I'm glad to hear the first surgery is done. While,you are recovering, Something I know as a fan that I would like to see would be an episode of your favorite rifles. Then, an episode of your favorite shotguns. Several seasons ago on shooting gallery you did pistols so it would be nice to get the other two. How about an interactive podcast where you tell us when u r recording and we write questions. Kind of like you did for best defense a few months ago. just some thoughts I'm hope,the pain is bearable and the rehab goes well.

KMitch200 said...

Oooooo...you're going to have such fun PT rehab! Keep those RXs handy.
I'm gonna have to do some research on how your re-attachment differs/is the same as my ACL rebuild.

I pushed my new ACL beyond what most people do, it nearly gave my orthopod a heart attack...it wasn't the right choice.
Way back when, with that surgery, the wimps that HATE pain and babied them actually had the better outcomes.
(this was 20 yrs ago, could be a whole new ballgame by now)

Glad to see you're on the road to being pain free. Stick with the plan!

Rastus said...

Hate to see the pain drive you to two podcasts a week...but if that is what it takes then OK. ;-)

Hopefully you won't be doing that too long for your sake.....

Sohrob said...

You look great Michael. I like those two unusual shooting sticks you have there.

Sohrob said...
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George said...

Hi Michael,
I'm glad to see you are on the road back. I think your hat looks great! Who makes it and what is the name of the style for that hat?


Jerry The Geek said...

Some people will do anything to generate an "alibi" for their next match.

SWMBO would say the same thing ... if she were still here.

David said...

Left side crutch = monopod?

Pathfinder said...

I had a partial knee replacement on 8/31, so I can sort of understand your situation. I had a total femoral block applied so it was like living with a dead tree stump attached to my hip for the first 24 hours.

I was on percocet for the first 12-14 days, and if you are on that, TAKE FIBER PILLS!!!! Sitting on the throne with a painful leg and backed up is no fun. Don't ask me how I know . . . .

Other than that, the pain was a 1-2, occasionally/rarely a 3 for me. Hope yours gets under control.

Question - are you still planning to be at the NRA show in Louisville? For my first time, I am in a position to attend the show and would love to see you there, maybe compare knee scars????

Rob said...

Take it easy and get some rest, you're going to need it for when rehab starts. I'll take the double tap of podcasts, though, that's the high point of my week.

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