Sunday, November 29, 2015

Once Again, Another Burgeoning Crisis!

From the NY Post:

People having sex with horses on the rise in Switzerland

I really don't know what to make of this, except that I pray it doesn't have anything to do chocolate consumption. Or Swiss cheese…I really like Swiss cheese. I do suppose we have probably solved the mystery of where yodeling came from.

I personally think we're looking at a side effect from the Large Hadron Collider…they fire that bad boy up looking for the Higgs boson, next thing you know horses are whinnying all across the country. This is where we have to ask ourselves whether continued scientific inquiry is worth a bunch of really ugly ponies. Not to mention some pissed off horses.


Anonymous said...

And here I am waiting for the laws preventing us here in the "States" from eating horsemeat to be repealed. When I was a kid a loooong time ago here in the "rust belt", during one of its cyclical lows, my mom would buy horsemeat because it was cheaper than beef. I guess it was cheaper because we lived so close to a couple of horse tracks and you could always count on the loser of either the "daily-double" or the "tri-fecta" to be on the menu. Now, that humongous sirloin may have actually been in the grasp of some sex pervert during some weird form of "sexual discovery". Horsemeat will never taste the same again!

Life Member

DamDoc said...

Thats why i avoid lamb..

Anonymous said...

See the kind of problems Muslim refugees create ? Almost makes you wish the twisted SOB's would stick to bombings.
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Metalchemist said...

Bizarre, and with all those Swiss beauties...Then again Tom may have a valid point.
Could be American foreign aid as well as UN policy. FREAKY

DDavis said...

Yodeling satyrs, just what we need!

Sigman said...


When you come to the Smokies on you hog hunt, ask around about the term "Stump Broke." It's a mountain thing I believe.

Mike Voncannon
Sevierville, TN

pigpen51 said...

Michael, a good comedian could run with this material for weeks. I just have to shake my head and hope it isn't so. If so, I hope those horses kick those rotten so and so's into the ground. A horse is a beautiful gift from God. Just look into it's eyes and you will see how intelligent they are. 'Nuff said.