Friday, November 06, 2015

The Rut is Definitely On

Passed a herd of mulies on the way to dinner late this afternoon…saw a 4-pointer pushing the herd. But what the little buck didn't see was the first Big Boy I've seen this season, a huge buck with a lot of points. Better luck next year, Junior!

When we got home, coyotes were yipping and howling way off in the distance, and, predictably, Newt has been spun up all night.

I didn't get to the range today after all…was kinda dragging from the week's work.

Am seriously looking at the newly released Sig Sauer P225. I really regretting losing my old German 225, which I had carried for years. I still have the holsters!


Overload in Colorado said...

Wasn't the Sig just called a P220 9mm for the last few years? I too have a P6/P225. (Michael, you might be able to find one still at Jensen Arms down in Loveland). I enjoy shooting it, but never got comfortable with it.
Michael, didn't you say that Sig set you of with some thin grips for it? Or was that a different Sig? I'd like to get a set myself, as even though it's a single stack, it still feels like it has a plump grip to me.

Anonymous said...

OL in C,
The Sig "220" is a .45 cal., single-column gun while the "225" is a 9mm single-column gun. As far as I can remember and as far as I can see on Sig's list of discontinued guns, the "220" was always a .45.

The "220" is now offered in my favorite caliber; 10mm, as well.

Life Member

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