Monday, December 21, 2015

Damn Trickster!

We have a new pack of coyotes here at the Bunker. The alpha dog even left us a present, a disassembled rabbit, lotsa blood, too much leftover meat to be a pack kill. Especially since it was impinging on one of our regular trails. I guess he figured that was enough to let me know who ruled the roost.

I suggest, Mr. Trickster, than you make an offering to whatever coyote deity you worship, because if I see any of you and your pack, it's Hammerhead Time. Or, if you're a little farther away, I'd like to introduce you to my GUNSITE Scout Rifle and the concept of Hornady Superformance. The bear and I coexist, Mr. Trickster, but you are destined to be a hat.

I had the opportunity to pick up a Lipsey's/Vickers Gray Glock 19 last weekend.
Since the last thing I needed right before Christmas was another Glock, I of course scooped it up! My intent, such as it is, to use it the IDPA Compact Carry Pistol division. I've been very pleased with my G26/RMR from SI/One Source Tactical as an EDC. As I mentioned, I've been trying out different holsters. All things aside, Ive been defaulting the a Blade-Tech Eclipse…boring as dirt; works great.

Interesting point, which was made to my by my friend and excellent trainer Greg Nichols, who said something to the effect that"Dude, if you've been carrying a Ruger SR9c and you're thinking about a G26, what the heck, carry a G19! More BBs!"

Again, I'd have RMR'ed the SR9c, but there are significant issues that loaded chamber indicator. To mill in the optic, we'd have to remove the loaded chamber indicator, which, in my less than legalize opinion, would constitute "removing a safety device." Note to firearms designers…assume that future defensive pistols will have optics.

I'm working on a G19 as my carry gun with SI and one of their custom slides and some other specific modifications. I'll keep you guys in loop…hopefully on the new DRTV Internet series!


halh said...

looking forward to seeing the new hat soon!

Ber950 said...

Stick with the 26. More versatility. In GSSF the top amateur subcompact scores are always right with and sometimes faster than the standard civilian division. Same thing in Master Stock. Its the Indian not the bow.

DamDoc said...

There is just something really nice about how the G26 just disappears with an IWBH... and it will take that nice easy to hide mag from the gray G19 as a reload...

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of Glock I don't like the grip angle. I carry a SR9c and for the most part I like it but I do not like the size of the safety. I have shot the SR9c and it's big brother the SR9 for thousands of rounds with all sorts of ammo and NEVER had a problem. Not saying Glock isn't good but I am confident with the SR9c so I carry it.

_DonWorsham_ said...

In keeping with DamDoc, MY G26 just disappears in my right front pocket.

Oh Michael, "gray" is so last year. Black is the new gray.

KevinC said...

In the words of Tony Hillerman, coyote waits.
And coyote is always hungry.

Overload in Colorado said...

Two questions on the new G19:
1) did the Vickers parts come installed? The Lipsy website seems to say no.
2) where did you get it? I've been looking for one myself.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Just remember real coyotes have roadrunners for snacks. Some areas of the country are reporting wolf/coyote hybrids. If you dont have stock or raise fowl just let the coyotes be.

Anonymous said...


I have "deer" and too many coyotes. I find partial carcasses from coyote kills all over my land. I also see far too many coyotes, so I'll pass on the "let them be" part. We see many in urban areas and they're eating pets, especially dogs. We're advising anti-hunters to adopt them and take them into their homes as an alternative to our shooting them. They are out of balance for now. In the "U-P" of Michigan, we also have too many wolves all of a sudden. We also have an inversely proportional amount of deer in those areas; go figure. Some wolves are being seen in the "mitten" part of the state too, probably due to southerly migration over the ice on the lake. Wolf-coyote cross-breeds are un-natural, so do we really want to go there? Wolf-canine cross-breeds haven't been desirable in the end either.

Thanks for the advice and have a Merry Christmas.

Life Member

KM said...

just let the coyotes be

I do. Right after I blow fist sized holes through their chest.

Read Life Member's post...coyotes eat game.
The AZ Game & Fish Dept came to a varmint callers assc meeting to urge the callers to go to an area in the middle of the state and "kill every one they saw". (it's a "calling" club, not necessarily a "killing" club) They were decimating the Pronghorn Antelope herds to dangerously low levels.
It's called "game management" for a reason. Predator control is part of that management.

Unknown said...

Problem with deer is they harbor the ticks that cause Lyme disease so the less deer the better. No hunting in Fairfax County, VA where I live so deer are also the cause of many vehicle accidents which make the worst traffic in the US even worse. So the anything that reduces the deer population is a good thing and the more coyotes the better. Treating a dog who has Lyme disease is expensive and time consuming and with working herding dogs it means they can do the job they were bred for. I hope Wiley E and his coyote friends here in NOVA have lots of deer for Christmas.

Unknown said...

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