Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Traffic Jam

It's finally cold enough that the elk herds are moving to lower pastures. At least they mostly stay off the road. Driving home from rehab last night I hit the local equivalent of a traffic jam, I had to stop twice on the twisty dirt road that leads up to the Bunker, once because a little mule deer buck refused to get out of the road; the second time for a bunch of mulie does moseying across. When I got home there were bear tracks all over the place. Like being trapped in a Disney special. The Newt-ster definitely does not like the bear scent! Oh well, that's why God made .308!

For all you M&P guys and girls out there, the long slog to some sort of sane level of accuracy out of your 9mm M&P is almost over. I hear the new Apex Tactical M&P 9mm barrels are just about ready to hit the market. The Apex M&P barrel project has been a long time coming, and the accuracy specs I've been privy to over the last year are absolutely fantastic. Here's the link…start saving your pennies, and send that telegram to Santa!

Today's a good day…my first in 9 weeks to walk around the house without my massive leg brace. Oddly enough, it's kind of scary, sort of like I'm tiptoeing around on eggs. Still have to wear the brace outside, but I'm way ahead of the schedule. The funny part is tomorrow I have my last post-op meeting with my doctors, who have noted that in a couple of weeks I will have my first pre-op meeting with the same doctors getting ready for the knee replacement surgery scheduled for right after SHOT. LOL!


Joe in Memphis said...

Off topic, but I just saw this and wanted to post it here so you could spread the word.

Thanks for fighting the good fight, Michael...

clark myers said...

Seems to me what you called 5Star on the podcast is properly 5Shot?

I have one OWB with magazine holder for a S&W M&PC with RMR from 5Shot that suits me just fine and a couple more pending.

If the whole world had been as nice as Mr. Alessi all he could have sold would be field holsters there wouldn't be a market for fighting holsters. As it I'm proud to have been a customer.

Bob said...

Hi Michael,
I was wondering if anyone else is having problems with your podcast being updated. Podcast #446 and #447 do not show up in my podcast app.

Overload in Colorado said...

I'll echo Bob, and add details:
iTunes shows 446 & 447, but Apple's Podcast App doesn't. Selecting them in iTunes just loads Podcast which still doesn't see them.
I'm running os9 on an old iPhone 5

Jeff said...

I was having the same download problem with #446 & #447 on iPod & Iphone apps. I had to go to iTunes and do a store search then re-subscribe.

James said...

Direct Down Range Radio RSS feed at:

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the recovery is going well.
Tom Bogan