Saturday, December 19, 2015

Work and Pain!

Last week was an actually a work week – I went to Portland to work with some some new really cool hi-zoot technologies at Crimson Trace ad FLIR (yes, I signed the NDA)…first time I've flown since "the accident." I did okay…I'm out of the brace, and the rehab is just plain ass painful now, but I expected that. The 2-and-a-half hour plane ride had me hobbling though the airport, but there you are. I did a full working day on Tuesday, and, to be honest, it set me back. That night was a bitch, as was the travel day.

Spent Friday in PT trying to loosen up the quad, and we did pretty well. Am now alternating bicycling/stretch days and pure PT days. I did my last post-op examination with my doctors a week or so ago, and of course the punchline is on the way out I made my first pre-operation appointment or the knee replacement surgery the Monday after SHOT. My physical therapist swears she can have me up and around after that surgery in 2 weeks, but she's into pain.

So I spent some time on the Spinner bike today, then got in a box of 9mm from the G19. Wind was screaming, so it wasn't my best day, but always good to pull the trigger. Weirdest thing is that I want to limp. I don't quite understand that. I have to watch myself to keep from falling into that habit. With the snowy trail, I really can't hike…even with the brace the risk is too much. Snow should be melted in a couple of days, which I'm looking forward to.

The Ruger Alaskan .454 is a concrete block of a gun, but Rob Leahy's Pancakes do an AMAZING JOB of carrying a big handgun. Ask brother Jeff Quinn at GunBlast.com or Ed Head or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or…you get the drift. A good pancake holster is a great carry device for heavy handgun. And since there are coyote and bear tracks all over the place, those Garrett Hammerheads are…comforting.

You all know I wish you the Blessings of the Season. Enjoy this one with your family and loved ones, reflect on our country, and our religions, and our hopes, and our dreams. Then take a deep breath. If I may touch the truth of LOTR, from Gandalf, "It's the deep breath before the plunge."

Know that the sons of bitches in Washington are going to come after us with everything they have — they are desperate, and this is the End Game. By the way, want to know who to support in the "Republican" primaries? See who stands with us when the Schumer hits the fan. We will win, but the battle will be ugly. We will take casualties, and our Republic will hang by a thread. But keep your faith. We will win. We will win because we share the beliefs, the soul, the heart, the courage of the Founders...and those who came before them.


Miguel GFZ said...

We are facing a wounded and cornered Opposition. They cannot comprehend why the populace is not coming to their side but actually lining up at gun stores and applying for concealed carry permits.
I don't think I have seen such a barrage of negative media since the Clinton era with the Assault Weapons ban and the Brady Bill. Some are no longer even trying to "compromise" by requesting "common sense legislation" but advocating outright bans. The masks fell off and I see that to our advantage.
The question is: How much political capital is Obama willing to spend on Gun Control? Yes, he can do some damage via executive orders, but will they hold to future legal scrutiny or will he be leaving reversible errors that may tarnish his presidential legacy? And after the foul up we had this week in Congress with the "budget" conservatives are pissed and their representatives have to understand that election year also affects them.

It is going to be an interesting the Chineses curse sense.

Unknown said...

Gbu Michael

Alien said...

This country has, and can, endure quite a lot. We are, after all, Americans.

My greatest fear is that a January from now Americans will have it proved to them that voting doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

In hoc signo vinces.

When we, Constantine and Licinius, emperors, had an interview at Milan, and conferred together with respect to the good and security of the commonweal, it seemed to us that, amongst those things that are profitable to mankind in general, the reverence paid to the Divinity merited our first and chief attention, and that it was proper that the Christians and all others should have liberty to follow that mode of religion which to each of them appeared best; so that that God, who is seated in heaven, might be benign and propitious to us, and to every one under our government.

Constantine had it right in 313 AD.

Anonymous said...

Earlier comment made:

..."My greatest fear is that a January from now Americans will have it proved to them that voting doesn't work."...

Agreed--the issue here is that the Country's Political System of Government is 90% broken of which 100% is directly attributable to "CORRUPTION." It may very well be insoluble at this point in terms of a "Government" solution...providing more money (taxes) to these crooks and thinking that they will "fix-it" is like giving a drunk more alcohol and thinking sobriety is obtainable...

Here's the SIMPLE yet uneasy truth of which Jefferson warned and advised Americans about well over two Centuries ago:

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it's natural manure..."

For me personally, my true concern is that America has become more-so a Country of free-loafers instead of patriotic active Citizens hell-bent on protecting this Republic and the Rights spelled out in the Constitution. Sooner or later the hard choice of freedom or indentured servitude will have to be made by all of us...

-God Bless America and Merry Christmas

2:43 AM

2Savage said...

MB. The knee replacement is a piece of cake. As a (long ago) former HS and College football player and wrestler, walking immediately after surgery felt like having an old friend return. Pain level suggested I could play/wrestle the next weekend. Range of motion comes back pretty quickly. And, you end up with a pretty cool scar.You'll be fully operational well before the revolution.

kmitch200 said...

Re: The knee - Weirdest thing is that I want to limp.

It's just a habit that you've picked up over time.
It took a short time for my knee replacement to get to 100% but it took my BRAIN a while longer to trust it in athletic endeavors. (full weight and *real* balance on the replaced side)

Once you get TRUELY pain free and strong, about 12 weeks, you will unlearn the limp.
Your back, hips and the other leg will thank you for it! They won't have to compensate for the old odd gait.

Remember I told you you are going to want to kick your own ass for not doing this 5 years ago?
It's coming soon! :)

Phuloo said...

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