Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Everyone has a plan...


Anonymous said...

No plan survives initial contact...or the damn beep going off on my IDPA run.

Anonymous said...

Here's the "punch" that's coming to all of us:


Have a plan "B"?

NJ Larry said...

God help us but if the punch in the mouth is Hillary getting elected on Nov 8, I have only heard one guy trying to work on a plan. Alan Korwin. It is a possibility and we better be prepared. 55 days from now the gun community may get a punch in the mouth, a kick in the nuts, and our head stomped in.

Last nite Trump announced a big govt socialist health care plan for child care. I am not voting for him cause he is a dedicated small govt, Milton Friedman conservative. I am voting for him for one reason. I hope he will appoint SCOTUS Justices and Fed Judges WHO ARE CLEAR CONSTITUTIONALISTS. If I am wrong then heck, the world will have been turned upside down. But Clinton is a known item. She is our Kryponite. She has a 100 % chance of destroying us and the 2nd.

DamDoc said...

agree totally, larry!

Anonymous said...

As I learned in my many years of negotiating with major unions, "sometimes" you have to give them something. The "something" is usually something that is very important to them, but not necessarily to "us".

Since we are knee-deep in social programs already, it seems that Trumps "Child-Care" proposal is giving too much more. What he is proposing IS important to many prospective voter. The consolation is that he is proposing it at the expense of other existing programs. In other words, he is proposing cuts to those other programs in order to finance this new one. Some of these other programs are viewed as wasteful to voters too. Time will tell there, if he'll be able to do it. I'll gladly "give" that in order to keep the 2nd Amendment and other things that are important to us.

I am with nj and DamDoc. I'm voting for Trump, with enthusiasm. I'm also actively encouraging anyone else who'll listen to me. I'm also taking on my local and state "RINOs" and urging them to get behind Trump too.

Let's make it happen.

Life Member

P. S.: Expect some "seminar bloggers" to post here after our comments. Dust them off!

harlequingr said...

think,think,think!!!!!! it is not great to be a one issue voter.give up everything,sacrifice everything to give our children a lousy future to save guns?? that is not thinking clearly.yes guns are important but to be honest trump will be no better than anybody else.just use your head.he supported clinton in her first run for pres.he is a wolf in sheeps clothing.he is also anti gun whether you want to believe it or not.there is one thing you don't know.he is friends with bloomberg.so ingest that!!!!

maybe us gun,2A,supporters should start showing the world that we have a brain instead of acting like we had a labtotomy

Michael Bane said...

George…don't agree with you there, brother. A person's, especially a politician's, stand on 2A tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about that person or politician. EVERYTHING. THE REASON YOU DON'T TRUST ME WITH A GUN IS THAT YOU HAVE FUTURE PLANS FOR ME THAT YOU DON'T THINK I'M GOING TO BE ALL THAT HAPPY ABOUT, AND YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE I HAVE NO FINAL RESPONSE. What else do I need to know about them? I understand Hitler loved puppies.

Secondly, you have thrown any trace of logic out the window by repeating that endless meme of ":"what if Trump is antigun?" What if Trump is an alien. Hilary is a KNOWN KNOWN. There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT what she has in mind for the 2A, which is its total destruction. Trump is an UNKNOWN KNOWN...we know what he says, but we don't know what he will do.

There are 2 doors in front of you, and you know who is behind each door. Behind Door #1 is an assassin with a shotgun who has killed repeatedly before and has stated unequivocally that the moment the door opens she is going to blow you in half. She makes speeches saying how she hates you and your kind and how she seeks not just the destruction of 2A, but the complete destruction of the gun culture itself. She has said in public that people should not be allowed to THINK the way the gun culture. She is the head of the largest criminal organization in the country, and that organization is utterly ruthless. She and her organization have corrupted everything they have ever touched, and they are fully vested in an international organization that seeks the end of Democracy in the United States.

Behind Door #2 is a man who says he 100% supports you, has the backing of the largest pro-gun organization in the world, has sons who are big game hunters and gun collectors, has a CCW and talks about being armed for protection, and has given you his word (which is apparently pretty good, based on business sources) that he will stand with you come hell or high water.

And you are telling me I should open Door #1 because you're "afraid you can't trust" the man behind Door#2?

Good Lord, man! Do you even listen to what you're saying?

There is no Door #3!

There is no alternative!

Chocolate or vanilla…otherwise, the ice cream store is closed…


Anonymous said...

I am a one issue voter, but my issue is Freedom. It just happens that I've yet to see a politician who is in favor of restrictions on guns who is good on freedom anywhere else.


Anonymous said...

What did I tell you?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...... That was soooooo predictable!

Life Member

P. S.: Anon @ 11:41, RIGHT ON BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DamDoc said...

weredragon and george - man up, you are both for hillary.. just admit it.. mit is good carthothrology... just admit it.. there is no other explanation...

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with your logic. Our 2A rights, while critically important on their own to guarantee the rest of our freedoms, is the very best barometer to get a clear understanding if a candidate believes their electorate to be citizens or subjects.

For a long time I believed that the left took the position just to pander to a certain set of voters. What is interesting is that those set of voters are the ones most harmed by these laws. The gun laws of San Francisco, Chicago and NYC are racist and intended to disarm and hence harm a certain class of subjects.

Wake up people, what we don't know about Trump is less harmful than what we know about Clinton.



Anonymous said...

You've sold your soul to the devil! You just want free stuff. Admit it. We've read your former posts. Just go and get a job and pay your own way, just as we all do. I'm never paying for it for you.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Best Colin Powell email that the mainstream media is not reporting -

"I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect. A 70-year-old person with a long track record, unbridled ambition, greedy, not transformational, with a husband still dicking bimbos at home (according to the NYP)."

ELIMN8U said...

Arsenic or cyanide...with both sides saying the other is more deadly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right.......

It's funny, you've never had any comments regarding the subjects that are pertinent to this BLOG. Just these political ones. Same a "George".

What's you favorite handgun? How about rifle? How long have you been a shooter? What shows do you watch? How long have you been an NRA member?

john said...

I am afraid you are right Michael, there is NO door #3. I am also a one issue voter and will vote Trump. If you have trouble doing that , think of it as a vote against the hag.

Anonymous said...

George, Here's you socialist future: