Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My Plans for MASS CASUALTY EVENT Wednesday!

Here's what I'm planning to do tonight...I promised you guys that I would be available during and after the airing of our special, THE BEST DEFENSE: MASS CASUALTY EVENT, which begins at 8PM ET.

I'm going to bounce back and forth between this blog (, 
Facebook (  and DOWN RANGE TV's "The Best Defense" Forum (

If you have questions or comment or just want to express your venom, I'll be here! And I'll have a margarita, too.


DamDoc said...

how about a good rant?.. seems all the blog sites i am following are being over run by trolls... looking more and more like people are just letting go and the hildabeast is going to be our pappy. unbelievable.. Hand em in folks.

David said...

Working the night shift, so I'll be picking it up when it hits MOTV.

Anonymous said...

I watched TBD's "Mass Casualty Event"! I was concerned beforehand that a half-hour wouldn't be enough time to properly present the subject, but your presentation technique of showing related dramatic scenes during the dissertation, was very effective. It fit well with prior TBD shows and subjects covered in them. Bravo! Well done.

How can others that we refer it to access it later?

Thank you.

Life Member

Jeff said...

This was a very good information show. I hope this is the start of many more shows of the world that we now live in.We need to be informaned of how to react. Thank you for caring.

Greg Cory said...

Is the mass casualty event up on MOTV? if so, I have not seen it yet.

Steve Bratten said...

So has anybody figured out when "Mass Casualty Event" going to be on MOTV?