Thursday, September 15, 2016


THE BEST DEFENSE: MASS CASUALTY EVENT, our special on how to stay alive in the hell of a terrorist/active shooter attack, will air on OUTDOOR CHANNEL 28 September, with an encore on 2 November. I don't have the times yet, but we'll get them up on DRTV and Facebook ASAP.

The 46-minute "Director's Cut" will air on My Outdoor TV ( later in the month.

BTW, MOTV is a Y-U-U-U-U-G-E OUTDOOR CHANNEL paysite with thousands of our back episodes, including SHOOTING GALLERY and THE BEST DEFENSE. There's already a ton of content there, with more being loaded every day. In fact, Marshal Halloway is actually chained to an editing station uploading back episodes.

More importantly, at least to me, will be the original material. We launch SGO With Michael Bane, [Shooting Gallery Online, get it?] next week in beta. "Beta"is a software term that means, loosely, we're not sure what we're doing, but we want to put the stake into the ground and get to work. My long-term plan for SGO is to have it much more like the DOWN RANGE Radio podcast, looser, less structured, what's on my mind every week. We can get reviews up very quickly, cover events, etc.

Both Marshal and I are working with cutting edge video technology to to build out the studio and help us with other opportunities. For example, what if we could pull a Howard Stern and stream the video recording of DOWN RANGE Radio a couple of days before we launch the audio version Wednesday AM? When I was recording last week, I had 3 or 4 guns and a bunch of accessories on my desk…with a live video stream, you'd be able to see them.

MOTV is $9.99 a month…there are no long-term commitments or any of the usual bullshit. That's less than you'd  pay for one of the overpriced swill served at Starbucks that gets funneled to our blood enemies' coffers! Get your coffee at Dunkin' Donuts and sign up for MOTV!

I have a  magic code to get you your first month for $0.99 so you can see what we're doing, Go to the splash page,, and clock on "Sign Up Today" on the lower right side of the page. That'll take you to the "fill in the blank page" we're all familiar with. Fill in the blanks, then click to the second age, which is the payment page.

You'll see a block there for "Promotional Code.:

Fill in the page and then enter SGO into the promotion code box. You get your first month for $0.99.

The "formal" launch of SGO With Michael Bane will be at the semi-legendary "Michael Buys the Beer" event at the NRA Show April 28-30 in Hot'lanta! Our plan there, if Marshal and I can work out the Internet issues, is that when you check in for your free beer, we'll sign you up for your first month of MOTV right there on the spot. Then for the first 200 people, we'll hand you a dollar bill to cover your cost. You can use the extra $0.01 to, say, buy a new Land Rover or an expedition in search of the source of the White Nile…the sky's the limit when you roll with Marshal and I!

If you've already signed up for MOTV, we'll have a little morale patch surprise for you!

Just to be clear, I don't get anything out of this, so I'm not shilling it for bucks. MOTV is something Marshal and I have dreamed about for years, and we think it can truly be rock and roll.


Unknown said...

Will MOTV ever be made available on ROKU or other streaming service or how about outdoor tv in general

Brian said...

Excellent news - this makes my day.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

Signed up a couple of weeks ago. Lots of content, but the sight is a little awkward. Somebody need to fix it where you can move seamlessly to the next episode. By the way I live in Atlanta and am really looking forward to the NRA meetings and Michael buys the soft drinks(I don't drink alcohol).

SNSjason said...

Posting should say to go to, myoutdoor sends you to a Malyasian tourism site.

Anonymous said...

Can't do it. I already pay a pretty premium to get Outdoor TV on my cable system. Sorry.

NJ Larry said...

"...with a live video stream, you'd be able to see them."

Made a suggestion the other day to you guys right along this line. I would love to see a LIVE FEED ON ELECTION DAY OF SEVERAL GUN FOLKS COMMENTING ON THE RETURNS. How freakin great would that be? So much of the "FORMAL" shows and MSM makes me want to puke. This would be just guys in the "general store" shooting the bull..Can you imagine MB and a few multi dimensional folks just talking about the election results for an evening. CNN,FOX, NBC running in the background? Dang that would be cool. AnD todays technology allows it to happen. Whether you like them or not Alex Jones and Glenn Beck to it every day. Heck even George Noory is getting into it on Coast to Coast.

David said...

I've already subscribed to MOTV...can I still have a beer in Atlanta?!

Unknown said...

If you allredy have a roku this might work for you

Anonymous said...

Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

They're coming for "them".

Anonymous said...

"Clown-Control" IS next. Just mark my words.

Doesn't the same reasoning apply to the threat of the government showing up?

Life Member

Vince Warde said...
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Vince Warde said...

I am waiting with baited breath for the launch of all the new content on MOTV. I have subscribed and bought three Android TV boxes to watch it on. BTW folks, these Android TV boxes are a great solution - they can be had for less than $40.00 on Amazon and they are worth every dime. Effectively, they appear to be a tablet as far as apps are concerned and can run virtually all Android media apps including MOTV. If you are a cord cutter, these are must have items even if you have Ruku or something similar.

If you are a geek like me, they can run Kodi (formally XBMC). Kodi can access all media on your home network, even more online content via free plugins, and if you have a PC set up as a DVR they can act as "front end" clients for the PC (which you can them move out of the living room).

Anonymous said...

C'mon, At least throw us a bone, wud'ja?

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