Wednesday, October 27, 2010

9mm Addendum...

...while I'm sitting in the airport wondering what the heck happen to my plane. "It's at the airport,sir; the crew just went to look for it." They misplaced it? Have the checked under the sofa in the TSA staging room? The women's restroom on Concourse A (I lost my Sweetie there once)? I urged them to circulate a description in case any of us passengers stumbled across it while on the way to Starbucks.

I think if the 9mm wave materializes, it will be for guns in the 15-20 ounce range WITH the magazine inserted...6-7 shot single stack mags...heavy DAO trigger...MSRP in the $500 range. The company in the best position to benefit from this wave but who absolutely won't do it is Glock, with a single stack G26...I've asked before...they've always said whatever the Austrian equivalent of "Hell no!" was.


Anonymous said...

The gun you are describing is exactly what I have been looking for. The choices are very limited right now. I don't need much gun, but I need it to be invisible.

Anonymous said...

I need it to be compatible with my time travel device. Any hopes of that coming soon...woops...(red face)...I already know the answer...been there.

Anonymous said...

Yap, I carry a G27 daily and have for years, but would love to have something other than a .380 or a Khar (not a slam on the Khar it just not a Glock) to chose from. Maybe the Sig P290??????

Overload in Colorado said...

Since the .380 craze started with the Kel Tec, let's look at their 9mm single stack:
PF-9 loaded w/ magazine: 18.2 oz; Holds 7+1; 5 lbs. trigger (not heavy).

I think one of the barriers to a light gun is the method of recoil. .380 is wimpy enough to use blowback, but 9mm needs something more stout. The Kel Tec uses Locked Breach. size chart shows 4 pistols in the 15-20oz range: Kel Tec PF-9, Kel Tec P-11, Kahr PM9, and the Rohrbaugh R9. Unlisted is my old Colt Pocket Nine which weighs 17oz, which should put it at 22oz loaded.
It'll be interesting to see what the others come out with.

George said...

Where does that leave the Para Carry 9? Is that gun too "geeky" for the segment the others are aiming at?

Dave S. said...

I've never understood double-stack mags on a carry gun. If you can't get out of trouble with 6 rounds, then stop nightclubbing in Beirut.

The Browning BDA .380 is one of the prettiest guns out there, and Cabelas always has them on sale, but building it on the double-stack Beretta frame instead of the single-stack was a colossal error.

Dandapani said...

If only Glock or Ruger would build the Kel-tec PF9. Either would have a winner. Looks like Sig is trying their hand with the P290. We'll see. So far I love my PF9.

Sevesteen said...

Walther already made a Single-Stack Glock, the PPS.

I would also like to see more single stack 9's and .40's. The number of situations most of us could encounter that can be solved with a gun, but need more than 6 rounds are very rare.

Haji said...

Single stack .40's make some sense, but single stack 9mm...I don't get that at all.

They'll sell some-whoever "they" turns out to be-but it won't be a big hit.

Anonymous said...

+1 on the concept of a single stack G26. But . . . it's my understanding that the double stack G26 JUST makes the minimum number of points to be allowed into the country (and that's with adjustable sights, which get removed after the guns are here.) If it were even one ounce lighter it would not make the points. For Glock to sell a single stack on the G26 scale it would almost certainly have to be manufactured in the US. I believe Glock has shown a reluctance to do that, so far.

Dandapani said...

Haji, I don't know what dope you are smoking, but you need to get your money back. Small SS 9's are selling like hotcakes. Kahr and Kel-tec can't make enough to meet demand. A solid vendor, like Ruger or Glock, making a quality, small, reliable 9mm pistol will make a ton of money. And let's not argue 9mm vs 40sw. It's a draw.

Gunmart said...

I think it is against FAA regulations to blog about guns in an airport! HA!

Gunmart said...


While I get what you are saying, I have to say that I think the push will be to 9mm guns that already exist, and not to a new breed of Kel-Tec PF9 knock offs. I personally dont believe that this new breed (which you say are mostly a younger and more women demographic) will be wanting a pocket gun that is slightly heavier and larger then their already light and easy to carry pocket rocket. I also dont believe that many women shooters/new shooters are going to like the stout recoil that comes with those light weight 9s.

I believe that they may definitely want to step up to a larger gun (for either CCW or home defense), but it will be to a full size or compact (maybe sub-compact) guns. Yes, it will probably be in 9mm because thats the least intimidating cartridge to new shooters..... so consequentially, the big boom in the industry will be felt in 9mm ammo, and not new 9mm guns.

Or maybe the new .380 will be the .32 ACP:

Gunmart said...

Also, I will say that I now get why Glock did not jump into the .380 wars.... They were too busy with bringing out that Gen 4 gun which in turn landed them some big Govt/law enforecement contracts.

I have bashed Glock in the past for not beating Ruger to the punch on the micro .380, but I have got to say that there is way more money in what they did with the Gen 4 then there is in selling a bunch of LCPs to the civilian market.

KM200 said...

I have bashed Glock in the past for not beating Ruger to the punch on the micro .380

You know they're imported right?
They can't get enough 'points' to import a micro 380. They already make a 380 - how micro it is I can't say BECAUSE THEY CAN'T SELL THEM HERE.
+1 Anonymous comment above.

Linoge said...

I will echo what Sevesteen said - the Walther PPS has been around for a little while know, and has been called a "single-stack Glock" by more than one person.

Unfortunately, it weighs in at 19.5 ounces unloaded, with a seven-round magazine and one in the tube coming in at about 5.5 ounces. 6 and 8 round magazines are also available.

Would I pocket-carry it? Maybe with the six-round magazine, but my pockets are already overfull as it is... However, with even a semi-decent IWB holster, anyone can make this thing disappear.

Anonymous said...

For my money, the compact Ruger SR9c is still the way to go in the small 9mm category. It's like the "Energizer Bunny". It just runs and runs and runs and runs and runs, etc. And you GOTTA know this new Baby Sig will probably cost a TON more!

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