Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Exhausted Sunday

I think I slept for 12 hour straight and I could go back to bed right now. I thought about going to the range today, but it was cold, wet and I had a home to-do list that really needed to get done. For all her many fans, I wanted to say Alf the Wonder Beagle had a tough day...Alf was focused on scrounging food this AM when Bishop, our green-winged macaw, picked upa big chunk of cactus wood, carted it over to the side of her flight and with careful aim dropped it on Alf's head. Alf yelped piteously, raced across the room and jumped in my lap, shivering in fear (which she has since denied).

She has asked us for a helmet. And goggles...

I'm owing to do my election podcast tomorrow...been working on it off and on today. I also want to talk a little about the whole Internet meme on safety — 3 rules, or 4? Maybe 10? 7 !/2? Worth sorting out a little bit.

Got to go pick up one of the Rock River Arms piston pistols tomorrow.Again, I'm going to come down on the side of pistol ARs/AKs as the American equivalent of PDWs. I've also got to mount my Millett DMS 1 X 4 on the FAL, sight it in and see how it works. Planning on using Leupold QD mounts.


John Richardson said...

I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on the Millet DMS. I'm torn between that scope and a Nikon Monarch African 1-4x20mm with a German #4 reticle for use on my FN-FAL. The Nikon might be tougher if it can stand the recoil of a heavy dangerous game rifle.

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Overload in Colorado said...

Which RAA pistol? 7" or 10"? Sights or flattop?

Is it illegal to try and shoulder one of these AR pistols? Can you legally put a laser on it? I know a forward handgrip is illegal.

I guess I'm asking how you use one? At 5lbs seems too heavy to shoot 2-handed pistol style.

I've been thinking about getting this type, with a red dot and backup magpul irons.

A fun gun to shoot?

Anonymous said...

Overload, I would assume with the help of a good sling.
Same as with the T/C Encore pistols.
Tom Bogan

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