Tuesday, December 26, 2006


This has been around for awhile (I cribbed if rom Denny Lattis on the Sixgunner list), but I thought it was a good post-Christmas pick-me-up!

BTW. successful Christmas menu included:

• Broiled lobster tails, with my olive oil, mashed garlic, pepper and Cajun seasonings. marinade.
Brown rice with scallions from my Sweetie.
• My patented Buckaroo BBQ Baked Beans, made from a secret recipe I stole from several people.
• A cranberry sauce from my Sweetie's Mom.
Delicious fruit salad contributed by said Sweetie's brother.
• Homemade rosemary potato bread fresh from my Sweetie's oven.
• Far too much desert, including a huge variety of cookies, pound cake and a peach-blueberry-raspberry cobbler I tinkered together out of the Mustard's Grill cookbook.

Am now in danger of being harpooned by any passing Japanese whaling ships...

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Anonymous said...

Love the poster. It now has a safe and viewable home on my pc in the slideshow. Hope no one gets offended . . .

Still, if offended by this one, then the sniper "Don't run, you'll only die tired" poster will send them off the deep end - I hope!