Friday, December 15, 2006


For something a little lighter than the previous post, I'd thought I'd let you take a look at this from Google Videos and see why you're not going to get your Spousal Unit that octopus he/she wants for Christmas:

The hole, BTW, in the plastic box is 1-inch in diameter! Let's face it, octopii are cool and dreadfully smart!


Anonymous said...

Copied from an earlier post..

If this is true... heads are about to roll.....

Anonymous said...
Colt--A Fire Sale-2007--The hoses were turned off and put away long ago.

The Sale is thru "Bank of America Securities"--Tel No. 212-933-2191 Alex Khutorsky, or
or try Adrian Walters, V.P. 212-933-3142,

or Defense Analyst Jordan Wilder for bofa @ 212-847-5812,

Its on their site!

Although word has it "New Colt" is the asset for sale --not much interest---more interest in the "Archieves" of old Colt stuff.

Probably time for the bottom feeder/auctioneers to make an appearance?

Anonymous said...

OK so the comment above has nothing to do with Octopi.
They are in fact very smart, at one time I had two, a pacific green adn a venomous blue ring octopi. hte pacific green (Ziggy) and I used to play all the time. his food (goldfish live) came wrapped in a well washed and closed spice jar that he would happily unscrew the lid from to get his treat. We also played tug o war with the handle of a fish net. If I dropped the net he would hold it back out for me to grab. He also would stick to the front glass of his aquarium and look around the side of his tenticles at me when I came home from work.