Thursday, December 14, 2006

What Michael Wants for Christmas...and is NOT Going to Get!

Yes, AirScooter is the future of...something. Not sure what, but damn, I'd like to have one! Unfortunately, the family "Secret Santa" pool has a strict $50 limit, the $50,000 tab on this puppy — when it becomes available, which they allege will be soon — probably stresses the envelope a bit much.

The key thing for me is fitting a hard mount on the "handlebars"...I'm thinking something light, like a Krinkov, or one of of those .17 belt-fed machine guns. Then I could drop in on the local radio control airplane event and raise hell!


Not Available said...

That one looks like the summer model. I hope they make one with a heated cockpit.

Zendo Deb said...

American Auto Gyro makes the sparrow hawk, which does have an enclosed cockpit and also costs "only" 39,980 - for the kit.