Wednesday, December 06, 2006

For the Person on Your List Who Has Everything... about his or her very own fatwa?

That's right...your hard-to-buy-for relative or friend can be under their very own death sentence from Islamofacists. You used to have to write novels like The Satanic Verses or draw cartoons deplicting the Prophet to get yourself on the whack list, but I suspect just playing and watching this little ditty (which has been banned from YouTube, BTW) will do the trick just fine!

WARNING: Offensive to religion! Second-grade SOUTH PARK-style trash humor! Catchy tune! Do not play this video! I warned you, dammit! Run! Hide! Cut off your right thumb to avoid clicking mouse! Don't blame me when some dudes with AK-47s show up at your door Christmas morning!!!!

ADDITIONAL GIFT SUGGESTION: Goes well with "Infidel" t-shirt*.

[*Woman not included...]

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