Friday, July 20, 2007

Am Back from Margaritaville North

AKA, Miami and a trip to Taurus...shot some cool stuff, sat on the beach, ate some great fish and had a couple of good margaritas!

Should have the first video up Wednesday, along with the podcast.

More tomorrow...sorry for the light posting!


Anonymous said...

What a job! Need an assistant?

Michael Bane said...

THANKS! It IS a great job! No security (I've already been fired once this year), no health benefits ( I have one of those policies that pays ONLY if I'm involved in an accident that includes buffalos and either aloe vera cream or a small block Chevy). Retirement plan = death. But TOO TOO MUCH fun! And to think my parents wanted me to be the manager of a Volkswagen dealership because they thought it would "settle me down!"

HA! Fooled them!


Anonymous said...

I've been patiently waiting for Taurus to get some .357 Magnum Thunderbolt rifles into the hands of a dealer I can actually visit, only to go to their website last night and find they now list all the .357 models as "discontinued". Any word on what happened? Did they actually get any out? Was the whole .357 model stillborn? Will it come back?

Anonymous said...

Thats all right, Mike, I would still take the assistants job if you ever need one!!!

Anonymous said...

Like the info on the Judge, but what about their 1911s? They've been talking about stainless, commander sized, rails, etc., but have yet to deliver. Any word on those guns from Taurus?