Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Quick...Check the Basement for CHUDs!

This morning Pravda — IMO, for more objective and honest, not to mention entertaining, than the New York Times — revealed that ther may be another civilization in the hollow Earth:
Legends say that an entry to the underground realms was located somewhere in the North, and legendary ancient tribes living on the planet centuries ago used the entries to have a good shelter under the Earth's surface. Mystics believe that the entry to the legendary Hyperborea, Shambala and Plutonia is carefully concealed from outsiders somewhere close to the North Pole. Recently, a reliable edition reported that UFOs coming to this planet start not from space but burst out from huge holes under the surface in the North Pole.
Sort of like Boulder resident Jeff Long's cool best-selling novel, The Descent. Just in case, I went down and checked the basement, but no sign of underaliens. Actually, they're welcome in my basement gun room if they'll single run the Dillons for me...I've give them a case of Jiffy Extra-Crunchy peanut butter a month and an Internet connection with their own FaceBook account, so they can meet other underaliens. When I get tired of all their chitterings, I'll sell them on eBay. I am a simple man.

Great visit at Midway yesterday...Larry Potterfield cleverly spend half the day having us shoot sporting clays, where I proved once again that I can barely hit the ground with a shotgun. I swear I'm going to do an episode of SHOOTING GALLERY on clays just so I can figure out what I'm doing wrong...well, I know what I'm doing wrong...I tend to stop the gun, leading me to shoot behind the clay. Anyhow, I love to hang around the Midway plant and watch it work, sort of like a great big clock...my old manufacturing consulting background peaking out, I guess.

Placed an order today for a Stag AR today, one of the Model 2Ts with ARMS folding rear sights (shown above...yes, it looks like an AR!!!). I plan to use it in a Performance Rifle class at the United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa in a couple of months — you'll see it on SHOOTING GALLERY, of course. I'm really excitied about going to Tulsa and taking some classes...USSA is the home of USPSA Grand Master Phil Strader, one of the three nicest guys in the world and a great instructor. It'll be fun...

I also asked S&W for one of the new John Ross/Performance Center .500 blasters...I love the way John has designed the gun! You can eventually get details on it on John's site, and there are videos of the proto from the NRA Show in April on DOWN RANGE (go to DRTV Videos and scroll down the list to "2007 NRA Annual Meeting."

BTW, have you seen the new look on DOWN RANGE? We've got the MEMBER VIDEO UPLOADS engine working now, so users will be uploading their videos. I'd hoped to cut a deal with GunsAmerica.com, the large classified ad site, to put us in front of more viewers, but that whole negotiation proved to be quite the little tar baby and, unfortunately, we weren't able to make the deal work.

Marshal Holloway and I are still committed to making DOWN RANGE the ultimate community site for shooters, and I think we're pretty close to being there. We ain't no stinkin' carpetbaggers!

Time to go to work...got videos to upload for tomorrow! Plus I gotta go check the traps in the basement...


Anonymous said...

Like any one needs an excuse for ordering an AR....

Heck, after listening to you and Tom on Gun Talk a couple of weeks ago, I've decided that a 6.8SPC upper is in my very near future.

I think I'll give the .30-06 a year off and be one of those High-Tech Rifle Hunters this deer season.

Jerry The Geek said...

Interested in the Member Video Uploads, I clicked on the link.

Flashing lights, weird sounds (9 out of 10 voices in my head told me I had just made A Big Mistake). Browser locked up. Windows Haiku short-form inferred:

Netscape 7.2 not compatible.

Tried it again with IE 7.0. Ahhh ... much better. I'll look around, surely I must have an IPSC video or two to present for consideration.

Anonymous said...

For more on the civilization[s] inside the earth, you might want to check into some of Edgar Rice Burroughs [sp?] books. Most are familiar with his Tarzan stories, but he wrote others. There's one where you enter the Earth through the North Pole, and another series was set on Mars - I think the hero was a WWI airman who found himself transported to Mars. OldeForce