Monday, July 30, 2007

TEAM OUTDOOR CHANNEL Sweeps to Style Victory!

Note the emhasis on the word, "style." We looked marvelous at the Shooting Industry Masters in Califonia last weekend! We had the cool guns, too. We smoked the cowboy stages in the event! On the tough Raahauge's sporting clays course...Team Outdoor Channel — me, Gene Burkhardt from the OC, "Lefty Longridge" (cowboy World Champion Joe Alessia) and "Tupelo Flash" (ace cowboy champion, clays shooters and top Elvis impersonator Ron Stein) — came apart like cheap suits.

Despite our sartorial splendor, we were smooked by teams from USA Shooting — yes, they slipped Olympians in on us! — DPMS, Ruger, Ellet Brothers and heaven knows who else/

NOTE TO MYSELF...remember to actually hit those orange things flying through the air, as opposed to annoying them.

BTW. the S&W M&P .45 was named Handgun of the Year by the SHOOTING INDUSTRY Academy of Excellence at last weekend's event. Shotgun of the Year was the amazing titanium/carbon fiber Remington 105CTi — that's what I needed!. Crimson Trace LaserGrips were once again the High-Tech Product of the year. The complete list of winners should be up in a couple of days on the SHOOTING INDUSTRY site.


Unknown said...

FTA: "We smoked the cowboy stages in the event!"

Smoked 'em? How'd you keep 'em lit??


Congrats. Do we get to see the fun and games on DRTV or Shooting Gallery sometime soon?

As for annoying the flying orange things, I wish I could do well enough to annoy them. My first time in trap, I was 19/25. Never did that well again, and to top it off, my new Rem 1187 jammed with a loaded shell in the chamber. That was fun to clear!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you scared those orange things so bad that they broke when they hit the ground!

Anonymous said...

Cowboys should have a posse, not a team.

Next time shoot black powder and nobody will know if you hit them pesky targets or not.

Define victory anyway you want, style over substance works in DC, Hollywood and most campuses.