Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guns Across the Pond...

Hi! I'm home from soggy question is the walleye pike really the king of freshwater fish? While you're pondering that, ponder this, too, from Reason Online:
Following the 1996 Dunblane school massacre, in which seventeen people were killed by a man armed with two 9mm pistols, Britain passed a law outlawing the ownership of most handguns, despite researchers finding "no link between high levels of gun crime and areas where there were still high levels of lawful gun possession." It's a law so severe that the Britain's Olympic shooting team is forced to train abroad, lest one of its members try to shoot up a grammar school. So how effective has the law been? A doubling in gun-related crimes since the ban, naturally.
I'll be writing more this weekend...including weighing in on the pike issue. I spent some time in Wisconsin with my friend legendary exhibition shooter Tom Knapp and archer extraordinaire Byron Ferguson, and had a great time. That is the euphemistic way of saying we drank adult beverages and talked about how lucky we are.

I'm thinking of doing a SHOOTING GALLERY "Shotgun Boot Camp" with Tom, which might be a real hoot. I'll wear his "Morning Wood" camo pattern...and you guys think I'm weird!

Thanks to all of you for stopping by the OUTDOOR CHANNEL trailer!


clark myers said...

Speaking of pikes, let's hear about the Pike National Forest and the Forest Service - we've had a teaser how about a story or a reference.

Is there a local organization on top of the issue?

I haven't seen any coverage to speak of any place useful - Gunweek doesn't have a stringer the Denver Post ignores it and the Rocky does a piece about once a quarter.

jon spencer said...

The walleye is not much of a fighter, but it is about the best eating freshwater fish.

Anonymous said...

kmitch200 sez: If you want fight, go for the Musky.
(Think fresh water barracuda.)

For taste, the walleye is hard to beat but a nice little 8 pound northern pike will give it a run for its money. :)

Anonymous said...

Just because tom Knapp is weird doesn't mean you're not.

Any anyone who thinks pike of any kind is the best eating fresh water fish has never eaten a fresh-caught Maine brook trout sauteed in bacon grease.

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