Friday, August 03, 2007

Home from Minneapolis

Am home from Minneapolis and the Professional Outdoor Media Association annual convention, whee I was the luncheon speaker yesterday. My talk was taken from Wednesday's podcast on the difference between political and cultural wars, and it was extremely well received.

I would have posted from the convention, but, as usual "high speed wireless" doesn't actually mean high-speed wireless in your room!

Anyhow, will be absent tomorrow because my Sweetie and I are biking the Copper Triangle, 78 miles up and over Fremont (11,318'), Tennessee (10,424') and Vail (10,666') passes...tomorrow afternoon I will very badly need BEER! And probably oxygen.

I have a lot ot right about in the cool stuff Alpha Precision "car gun" came home Friday...the now working and extremely well-tuned 3-inch .44 Magnum S&W Jim Stroh built for me. He builds magnificent revolvers! I also got a Hoffner paddle holster for the P225, which I've been looking forward to for when I'm in an open carry state like Arizona or when I bundle up in winter stuff, and, finally, three of the new Magpul 30-round plastic AR magazines with the little view window. Means I gotta go to the range next week!

More later...btw, when I got to Minneapolis on Wednesday afternoon, I had two sets of directions to the would have taken me over that bridge just in time for me to fall into the river. I used the other set...karma...

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