Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Why It's Cloudy in Colorado

I bought a set of el cheapo Russian astronomical binoculars so my Sweetie and I could ponder the heavens, plus I wouldn't have to buy a separate spotting scope for the range. This apparently triggered a worldwide weather change that has resulted in cloudy evenings up here in the mountains for the last month. It's like living on Venus, except without rampaging dinosaurs. At least not yet.

I got a nice surprise in the mail yesterday — a signed advance readers copy of Steven Hunter's latest Bob Lee Swagger novel, THE 47th SAMURAI, to wit:
Bob Lee Swagger, retired marine master sniper and hero of bestseller Hunter's 1993 thriller, Point of Impact (forthcoming as the film Shooter), returns in this riveting homage to the myth of the samurai. Philip Yano, the son of the Japanese officer who commanded the bunker on Iwo Jima where Swagger's marine father won the Medal of Honor in 1945, approaches Swagger about a missing sword wielded by his father, Hideki, during the battle for the island. The sword turns out to be not just a family heirloom but a national treasure that evokes echoes from the most sacrosanct corners of Japanese history. Yano's search reveals there are those who will gladly kill for the honor it bestows upon the possessor. Plunged into a Japan where honor and loyalty outweigh even one's own life, Swagger finds that an old warrior like himself still has much to understand. While the action builds to the inevitable climax, the joy of the journey will keep readers turning the pages. (Sept.)
Thank you, Steve...I look forward both to reading it and drinks next time I'm in Baltimore...I'll even buy. And yes, I'm still trying to draft Steve for an episode of SHOOTING GALLERY! I'll definitely have Steve on a special expanded episode of DOWN RANGE Radio...the podcast...as soon as the book is released. This week on the podcast I have an interview with Kyle Cassidy, the Philadelphia photographer who did the book ARMED AMERICA that's getting a lot of buzz. I also talk about a subject dear to my heart — the "fighting" revolver! Tune in, so to speak, tomorrow AM.

BTW, I made up a prototype run of those soft silicon wrist bands, a la Lance Armstrong's "Live Strong," for DOWN RANGE that read "VISUALIZE MORE AMMO." We'll probably have them on sale in a month or so...they're pretty cool.

I have nothing but bad news to report from the Forest Service imbroglio...but it depresses me so much I don't want to go into it today. Not just on Greenie stuff, but I've sort of hit a stretch where people I thought were stand-up turned out to be just your utterly common long-tailed vermin. Sigh...I was half-way watching Tombstone yesterday, Sherman McMasters' line questioning Doc Holliday's unconditional support of his friend Wyatt Earp..."Hell, Doc, I got lots of friends!" Doc snaps back, "I don't!"

I don't either, and it sucks to lose one.

Gotto go process audio files...darn good fun!


Not Available said...

I'll be your friend no matter what.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Don, did you hear MB say he would buy the beer? That was for Steven Hunter.

Seriously, MB, you have lots of friends, some you may not have even met yet and who do not expect free beer.

But I agree, and have been there myself when "friends" turn out to have feet of clay - or vermin tails. Sad, anger-invoking, frustrating.

Hang in there, Michael, we still have a long way to go, and there will be more bumps, potholes and missing roadway sections. We will prevail, though, we will.

Unknown said...

I'll be your huckleberry.

Anonymous said...

Pals are pals
And Friends are friends
But Buddies stick together!

Take care Buddy

Ratcatcher 55

Unknown said...

You left out a big part of the news on Hunter's new book and that is simply when are those of us not in the inner circle of the media going to be able to go down to our local bookstore and acquire his latest work?

Charles Bond

Anonymous said...

mb---+1 on steven hunter--the only author i buy new in hardcover!! amazon is already taking pre-orders for early sept--dmd

Anonymous said...


Ya gots more friends than ya know (supporters too).

Ya just haven't met us face to face yet.


Anonymous said...

I'll buy that signed copy from you for $100.

clark myers said...

I'd really like to hear about the land use issues here first - on the land later.