Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Michael's Desktop...

Apparently Blogger is having one of it's periodic fits, so I have no idea of how this will look and I apparently can't post links...sorry.

Steve's book is slated for September can pre-order from Amazon, of course.

I was looking at my desk this AM and I realized it was pretty much big bore DA revolver Nirvana. I'm working on an article and the weekly podcast, so on the desk there are:

• new Alpha Precision custom S&W 629 3-inch .44 Magnum
• S&W M-21 .44 Special 4-inch (action by Alpha Precision)
• S&W 1917 snubbie .45 ACP "Fitz" wannabe, maker unknown
• S&W M-296 .44 Special Ultra-Lite snub
• S&W M-396 .44 Special 4-inch "Mountain Lite"
• Bowen Custom S&W L-Frame .44 Special 4-inch "Mountain Gun"
• Taurus stainless .44 Special 3-inch
• S&W M-29 .44 Magnum 6 1/2-inch
• S&W 1917 Commercial .455 Webley

Realistically, you can never have enough big bore blasters!

So I'm going to be filming the new GUNSITE Revolver Class for SHOOTING GALLERY...which of the above Smiths will I be using?

Answer...none of the above!

I'm going to do the class with one of the new Ruger 4-inch .44 Magnum Redhawks. I shot the gun in production proto version a year or so ago and liked it a lot. Now that it's in production I wanted to wring it out. I've also put a lot of rounds through my Ruger Alaskan Super Redhawk .454 Casull — albeit mostly .45 Colt loads — and I think I'm starting to get a feel for the Ruger DA trigger.

Yesterday I ordered Ruger holsters from Blade-Tech and Simply Rugged (I also ordered a shoulder holster for the 3-inch 629 from Survival Sheath Systems; I love their eclectic line of products).

I'll probably use .44 Special-level self-defense loads, a la Harry Callahan in "Magnum Force."


Anonymous said...

Need HKS speeedloaders-lots of 'em! Also cartridge loop along with belt pouch carrier. I suspect you'll be doing "shoot one - reload-shoot one" drills.

Anonymous said...

Nobody likes a tease. Gun Pron please!

That's a desktop I'd love to see. Esp 1917 45ACP snub

Anonymous said...

What, no Bulldog Pug? AKA: Son of Sam Commemorative. BTW, severely limit left-hand shooting with this. Bad thing will happen soon, VERY soon.

Anonymous said...

What about those .41 Mag parts you teased us with? Are they ever going to leave Colorado?

Anonymous said...

I like Ruger revolvers. Let us know what you think after you have run them ragged in the class. I am thinking about a revo for carry and your thoughts would be a big help in making my choice.

BTW, love the show.

Michael Bane said...


Email me your address and I'll send you the barrel...all that's left! It will make a lovely paperweight...

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