Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Future is STILL Plastics!

More on the new Remington 887 NitroMag pump shotgun from Adam Heggenstaller at the Guns & Hunting Froums:
Whereas the 870 pretty much defines tradition, the new Model 887 NitroMag throws classic design out the window and takes a space-age approach. Just about every exterior component of the gun—receiver, trigger guard and barrel—is cloaked in a shell of polymer. Remington calls it the “ArmorLokt” treatment. Since polymer doesn’t rust and is less affected by abrasion than bluing, the 887 NitroMag is built to take abuse. Like in a duck blind or on the bottom of a boat.

The surface of the barrel, receiver and synthetic fore-end has a sort of tire-tread pattern, for lack of better description. It provides texture to keep your hands from slipping and also looks much different than any other shotgun—neither of which are an accident. Some guys here hated it; others thought it was neat. I warmed up to the style after a few days.

Thanks to a redesigned trigger plate assembly that includes the fire controls, carrier and both shell latches, the 887 NitroMag is much easier to tear down for cleaning than the 870. You can have it field-stripped and back together again in less than two minutes.


Anonymous said...

Is it made in Ilion or Mayfield or is it outsourced overseas?

Given the problems experienced by the 105 CTI I wouldn't touch this gun for at least a year or two to make sure the damn things work.

Anonymous said...

Man, that's ugly.

I wanna!

Any projection when a HD variant will be offered?

Unknown said...

Well, it's not hateful, but I too would like to see the social variant.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a distant cousin of a Benelli Nova

Anonymous said...

Bring on a 18.5" model, more appropriate for what Heller called the "core lawful purpose" of the right to arms, and I may be interested.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I want it! How soon can I have it? I also want the full-capacity home protection version too.
And look: A new, good, no great(!) featured gun from a company that set the standard for similar guns! It builds on lessons learned and customer feedback and input from real experts, I'm sure. I think that it will be a hit. I know that this is just what I want to be looking down at in the bottom of my river-sled, when I'm tooling up the Muskegon River, to set my "blocks", take a "pull" on the Thrmos, and enjoy the day; ducks, geese, or not. Bravo Remington!
Nows, what it's not: It's not a chrome-plated electronically ignited shot-gun-rifle-handgun with switch-caliber capability and a lifetime supply of Starbuck's "bucks". It's also not a new invention forging into "fields" unknown to Remington.
The only unknown: Who designed it and who makes it and where? The answers here, really are important and can't be dismissed. And yes, there may be an affect.

One last point: Michael, you just keep your nose pointed into the future and keep being YOU. After all, being you automatically includes continuous improvement!
Life Member

P. S.: The wife and I have been on a Mediterrnean "centered" diet for the past year. I'm down 15 pounds and she's down well over 30.
We need you around! ; )

Anonymous said...

If Remington doesn't have extensions in this line like the 18.5" length and pistol grip versions, then what's the point? Tactical sells right now and now is the time to move product in that segment.