Monday, December 08, 2008

Prescription Pistols?

A very good thing!

FDA approves handgun for the handicapped
Single-shot gun designed for those crippled by arthritis, muscular dystrophy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has accepted a conceptual, ergonomic 9mm handgun — designed for people crippled by arthritis, muscular dystrophy, or similar conditions that render them too weak to operate normal handguns — as a Class 1 Medical Device.

The single-shot gun, dubbed the Palm Pistol, is "an adaptive tool that allows someone otherwise incapable of handling a revolver or semiautomatic weapon to operate one," said Matthew Carmel of Constitution Arms, the New Jersey-based company developing the gun.

Thanks to the gun's designation as a medical device, doctors could eventually write prescriptions for it and then be reimbursed by Medicare.
Predictably, the moonbats are up in arms:
Gun control supporters are not happy about the FDA's decision. Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence was nearly speechless when asked about it.

"This seems like a catastrophically bad decision from the FDA," said Everitt. "A gun is not a medical gadget. It's a tool used to take human life."
God forbid people at the most risk should be able to protect themselves! Good on Constitution Arms!


iainmcphersn said...

Can I get the Shooter Store to pre-approve me and pay for my pistol if Medicare declines the claim?

Anonymous said...

Goggle "Chicago Palm Pistol" - already invented (and a seven shooter)in the 19th century. (a bit pricey for an original now though.)

Walt Rauch

Anonymous said...


(There's a pun there if you can find it ;) )

Anonymous said...

Not so says Bradys, see snowflakes in hell for info, just went up.

Anonymous said...

After reviewing I have my doubts as to whether this gun will ever see production. No photos of a prototype, just drawings.

And the FDA has recinded its listing.

Anonymous said...

on FOX, I know they blow too, they had the inverter saying the FDA did NOT approve the pistol....
WTF MSNBC? over -

Anonymous said...

I got a feva and the only cure is a prescription for an AR!

Jerry The Geek said...

Where's the sights?

What's the recoil like?

All plastic gun? How does it feel to shoot one ... is it Blowback Hell?

What's it like to shoot one at the range, with that all-plastic "model airplane" barrel? How likely is it that this wonderful new innovation will be used to the point where the owner will become proficiency when (my guess) the piece-o-crap disintegrates ... perhaps along with the shooter's hand ... before they learn to shoot it and reliably hit. Remember, one shot only.

If the reason for buying this POS is because the shooter has limited function with the outer extremities, how likely is anyone to risk his/her remaining hand learning to shoot it?

This is clearly an idea whose time has not come.

Hopefully, unless it is A Sign Of The Times, it never will.