Monday, December 15, 2008

This Week's Ice Storm

I'm hoping to catch up with my apparent personal ice storm in Tulsa in a couple of hours!

This time, I have batteries...and extra ammunition!

SHOT Show TV stuff...

Later this week I'm going to "high tea" in Denver. I don't think it has anything to do with illicit substances, but one never knows, does one?

Was really impressed with the Fromt Range Gun Club...when I finally move to to my property overlookin Nowhereville it'll be super close.

Watched The Wild Bunch for the umteenth time last that I'm older I have to say I see the movie a little differently than I did years ago...sigh...I'll talk about it some on the podcast this week.

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Anonymous said...

MB, I'm in Stillwater and it's not bad hear, but the word is that Tulsa is iced bad, so be careful!

40% chance of precipitation tomorrow, 40% Wednesday and 50% Thursday...time to bundle up!

Frank W. James said...

Michael: When you want to discuss THE WILD BUNCH let me know because it is my favorite movie of ALL Time and I feel it is like an onion in that it has several layers to it that many miss because they get all wound up over the 'violence'.

It truly is the BEST Western film ever made.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

I work in the building adjacent to the building Winnercom (sp) is is not bad here at all from the airport to here (maybe bad on Yale from 51st to 61st). Over by USSA...terrible road conditions saw several in the ditch within 1 mile of USSA...bad from USSA and points north.

Anonymous said...

Hey Frank W. James I enjoy your blog. Would love to read your thinking on THE WILD BUNCH. It is one of my favs but I am incapable of choosing a "...favorite movie of ALL Time..."

Anonymous said...

Someone once wrote that when you reread a great book you find new things in it not because it's changed but because you have. The same is true of art, music & song, and even movies. It is why there is such a thing as "great (fill in the blank)". Because it has stood the test of time.
OK time to stop before I start sounding like an epsiode of Banacek.

Anonymous said...

82* and sunny in miami beach today! enjoy the snow!! dmd