Monday, December 08, 2008

InstaPundit Poll on Obama's Comments on Guns...

See the results here.

83% of the respondents answered, "Are you kidding? I'm burying AR15s in the back yard."


Anonymous said...

The problem with attempting to bury them is that I live in Nebraska and we have this pesky thing called winter (-40F keeps the rift raft out) .. so the grounds frozen.

Anonymous said...

Were screwed. Unless anyone wants to grow a set and resist this nonesense.

Anonymous said...

Let's all pray that the Feds have Obama on tape talking to the Ill. Governor cutting some deal...

Anonymous said...

Burying an AR-15 with a 30-round mag should only be done in the spring, after proper tilling of the soil.

Buy your seed before the season to reduce overhead though, then put it away in a dark, dry place (like a gun safe) until it's time to plant.

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