Friday, January 21, 2011

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...


Focus has been on meetings and DRTV video, where we have had record traffic all week.

Am way tired...have been able to spend a little time with Marty Daniel at Daniel Defense, Larry Potterfield, my friend Mike "Spike" Register, the guys at Tactical Solutions, AAC (yes, the Suppresssor Shoot is one the list for SG for 2012), Travis Gibson of the MGM Ironman (guess), the guys at Stag on new carbine developments,...many many more...

Am planning a comprehensive mini-9 test for DRTV...should have the new Para 14.45 soon, as well as DRTV training tips from Travid Tomasie...going to TN to shoot the new Barrett suppressor-equipped .50 w/muzzle brake ,no less)...

Oh, and we have a BIG BIG announcement on the host of the new series, Gun Stories! We're going Hollywood in a big way!!!

Thanks for your patience while I'm running around Vegas like a crazy man....


Anonymous said...

Jeff Quinn from GunBlast says.. BATF put a hold on the Taurus 28 ga revolver in his last video..

SteveP said...

Heard you won a bunch of awards well done and well deserved. Looking forward to the new shows

Not Available said...

Gun Stories! Hollywood! Sarah Michelle Gellar??

nj_larry said...

Betty White !!! You rock Bane !

Overload in Colorado said...

New Para 14.45?

Anonymous said...

Tom Selleck? Oh yeah!

shawn said...

gun stories....
gotta be james brolin and barbara streisand...lmao

only kidding, can't wait to see jessica alba holding that new para!

Anonymous said...

Any possibility you can get Charlie Sheen and that tattoo babe Kat Von D as co-hosts on the show?

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