Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fun Day at the Range...

Iain Anderson's home club at the Tri-County Gun Range in Sherwood, OR, puts on a super carbine match...and not one for the faint of heart! I liked their 2 Minute Torture, essentially 3 firing positions -- a low port, kneeling and a 2nd low port -- facing 3 IPSC targets at 50 yards. The shooting positions are separated by about 10 feet, and the low ports are set so there us no "comfortable" way to shoot them...too high for prone; too low for kneeling. All you have to do is fire one shot from the first position, run to the second, fire another shot, etc. Repeat for 2 minutes...2 VERY LONG minutes! Heck of a drill. I think you'll be seeing more of Iain's training on DRTV soon.

Have to say I felt the press of time on this one...I did terribly, but I saw how I could do better...I will get in more carbine drills this year, but my focus remains cowboy, so the thrust of my training has to be cowboy. I'm amazed when people tell me they can't find a shooting sport they like...there are so many, and they're all so much fun. I'm lucky to have shot so many of them, and if there were 48 hours in a day I could fill them all up with clay pigeons, IPSC paper targets and steel.

I do think we're going to do a full court press on SG 2012 on the MGM Ironman. I spoke briefly with Travis Gibson about it at SHOT, and I'll have more details as we hammer them out.

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Louis said...

It is pretty ironic that the winner of Top Shot shoots a sport that the government doesn't recognize as having a sporting purpose.

nj_larry said...

Bane, are we talking about the same guy who won Season 1 of Top Shot and is working now for Crimson Trace? If so, I thought his name was IAIN HARRISON, not Anderson. You tweeted Anderson and now you posted the same. Waz up dude?

Louis said...

I think Mike was having flash backs to his time writing about the music industry.

Bob H said...

"I'm amazed when people tell me they can't find a shooting sport they like...there are so many, and they're all so much fun."

A lot depends on where you live. Here in Northern VA, there are exactly 4 ranges within an hour's drive.
One is a private club where at least two members must sponsor you.
Another hasn't had any openings in it's IDPA matches in over a year even for senior members.
One is the NRA's national headquarters range (indoor only) and the last one only shoots Bianchi cup.

Anonymous said...

Saw you as we were leaving. We were the crazy cowboys practicing in bay 3 that day. I really wanted to stop and say hi and shake your hand but you looked pretty busy. :) Andy Schmidt (AKA Loden B Kwick) was shooting that Tac match with you guys. He's been my shooting inspiration for Cowboy over the last two years and is one tough act to follow.

Thank you for coming up here. Tri-County is a great range. We love your shows and maybe I'll corner you for that handshake at Winter Range if you are there.

- Fast Enuff

Anonymous said...

I think it's Iain Harrison, not Iain Anderson.