Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Republicans Won't Go To The Wall..."

This is from Peggy Noonan's WSJ column today. She is a superb op-ed writer--heck, she was a speechwriter for Reagan! However, she is a RINO who supported Obama, and she swings big weight. I wanted to show you what we're up against.

Here's a link that won't require you to subscribe:
Here are three things he [BHO] can do in the speech that would be surprising, shrewd, centrist and good policy. The first may seem small but is not. Normal people are not afraid of a lowering of discourse in political speech. They don't like it, but it's not keeping them up nights. Normal people are afraid of nuts with guns. That keeps them up nights. They know our society has grown more broken, families more sundered, our culture more degraded, and they fear it is producing more lost and disturbed young people. They fear those young people walking into a school or a mall with a semiautomatic pistol with an extended clip.
What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload? No one but people with bad intent. Those clips were banned once; the president should call for reimposing the ban. The Republican Party will not go to the wall to defend extended clips. [my emphasis] The problem is the Democratic Party, which overreached after the assassinations of the 1960s, talked about banning all handguns, and suffered a lasting political setback. Now Democrats are so spooked they won't even move forward on small and obvious things like this. The president should seize the moment and come out strong for a ban.
Keep in mind that Ms. Noonan has lunch every day with the Republicans she's talking about here. In short. Noon believes that the Republicans will choose sucking up to BHO over us. It is our absolute duty to make sure that does not happen! After all we WILL go to the mattresses (a better aphorism, doncha think?) over this subject because we know that this has NOTHING TO DO with banning magazines of a certain capacity and EVERYTHING to do with banning whole classes of guns. If "reasonable" laws as sanctioned by Heller include banning whole classes of firearms, we are in deep dookey.

Again, the legal experts I talked to last week were confident there's no real traction here, but we CANNOT let the damned RINOs set the agenda.


FatWhiteMan said...

"Again, the legal experts I talked to last week were confident there's no real traction here, but we CANNOT let the damned RINOs set the agenda."

Quite right. BHO does not want a ban on his desk before the election. We just need to keep reminding him of that.

George said...

I got out in front of this one a few days after Tucson. I feared something like this might happen.

This should serve to remind everyone that because one has a 'R' behind their name does not mean they will support their 2A rights.

We have to be exceedingly vigilant and let everyone know we will not be bullied into silence. We will not only speak out, but we will do something about it at the ballot box too.

Ulmus said...

Expecting to hear Obama to push against the magazines and Shotguns. The stage is being set for itand has been for a while now by "the news".

Besides Tucson, CNN is reporting about shootings in Washington and at a police station in Detroit.

I haven't read the story yet, but I can predict the angle. "If the police aren't safe in their own station, how can anyone be?"


Working on those letter to my legislators now so I'll have when the call goes out.

eeyore said...

"What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets...? No one but people with bad intent."
I wrote Ms.Noonan to indicate that a homeowner with multiple, drug-fueled invaders might well not want to be limited to a 10-round magazine, since - given the most stressful moment in one's entire life - without significant training in high-stress reloading, that one magazine might well be all one has.

Kansas Scout said...

This is why the Tea Party will not go away and maybe get stronger. The RINO's will be made even more evident in coming days. Look at Murkowski. We have to fight hard and never stop. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Good article on how guns laws dont work..

Anonymous said...

What is a RINO ?

Tim Covington said...

This is the reason I CALLED my Representative as soon as I heard about the bill. He does not sit on the judiciary committee, but I want it known that I oppose this legislation. People need to call, visit and/or write (a physical letter) their Representatives. These are the things that they pay attention to the most.

nj_larry said...

Like the saying goes "even a broke clock is right twice a day" the commies over at the Huffington Post even see how the Patriot Act being renewed this month is worthy of attention and thought. 2A, privacy, big gov't...their all part of the mix of Orwellian people control.

Dave S. said...

"Expecting to hear Obama to push against the magazines and Shotguns."

I'm not. He's not going to come within a country mile of gun control.

There are some pundits floating it and the odd politician or two saying it might be worth considering. Nothing with any legs. On a political risk/reward scale, it just doesn't cut the mustard.

Richard said...

Expect to hear BHO bring up the recent spat of police officers shot in the past 24-48 hours. Never mind that the perps involved violated all sorts of laws to commit the violent acts, BHO will definitely use the tragedies to further his agenda.


Overload in Colorado said...

I have to agree with ms Noonan. But she doesn't go far enough!
Who NEEDS food that isn't good for you?
Who NEEDS cars that can exceed the speed limit?
Who NEEDS cars at all? Public transportation for all!
Who NEEDS big houses?
Who NEEDS pools?
Who NEEDS jewelry?

I may not NEED a magazine with high capacity, but I WANT one!

Anonymous said...

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