Monday, January 31, 2011

An Inordinately Busy Day

Trying to wrap up SHOT, round up a .300 AAC Blackout upper, order a scope from Burris, dry-fire since it's too crazy cold to stick my nose outside (even the Wonder Beagle had to wear booties on her walk), and, oh yeah, work.

GUN STORIES is rocking...20 interviews down, many more to go! Hopefully a big host announcement in a week or so. Planning for TBD/Survival #3 going level, baby!

Meetings this week on SG 2012...pretty excited about that, too. Working on logistics for full-court-press coverage of MGM Ironman this year, coverage at a level you've never seen before.

I love my job!

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Unknown said...

Hey Michael,
I know you are very busy, but take a look at Project Gunwalker.
Amarillo, TX

Michael Bane said...

I mention the ATF's woes in tomorrow's video podcast!