Saturday, April 16, 2011

Match Day at Home

Shot in Ft. Collins this AM (yes, as soon as I get home from the range, I go to the range...LOL!). I had a really good match, even though I could have laid down and gone to sleep on any of the stages. I finished 16th out of 106 shooters, my third high club finish in a row. I was out a bit on the ragged edge today, with 3 first misses in a while...but I needed to find that edge.

BTW, my Sweetie was only 3 places behind me, coming in high woman. We'll be instructing a newbie cowboy class tomorrow, which will be fun.

Later this week I'll be working more with the Kimber Solo, the Taurus Slim and more with the Ruger LC9.

Be sure to watch DRTV Monday afternoon for..whatever...


Anonymous said...


Can you get some raw film of the newb class? It would be fun to see what you are doing out there.

Zef M. said...

You and your sweetie teach together?

wish i could do that with mine, lol.

gunman42782 said...

Congratulations Michael!

DamDoc said...

would "whatever" be the unannounced, non-existant 1911 we have not been hearing about from a gun company that starts with..... "r"?