Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Morning...

My deep thought for the day: In the future, when some group wants to burn some politically or religiously objectionable book, will physical books be so rare that they'll have to get the books specially printed just to burn them?

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...and am already at a dead run. I did some tinkering with my spam filter this morning in the hopes of eliminating a lot of that crappy fashion spam in the comments I've been fighting...I guess we'll see how the new parameters work (or whether they work).

In gun stuff, how a bout a real steampunk revolver, an automatic ejecting Ruger single action .357?

Here's the YouTube link and the comments from the creator of this eclectic masterpiece, Jim March, over at The Firing Line forums (the pix is courtesy The Firing Line/Jim March). All Jim needs now is to hook up with some of those new nerdboy/nerdgirl makers with their home C-N-C machines and a bunch of bright shiny brass, and no zeppelin in America will be safe.

There is buzz all over the Internet about the inadvertently leaked Shooting Times Ruger 1911 cover (this from The Firearm Blog, who leaked it first)...wait...what Ruger 1911? Won't hear a word from me! OTOH, you might want to be checking in with DRTV next week. But you do that anyway, right?

I strongly urge you to visit the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog and bring yourself up to speed on the ATF "Gunwalker" scandal, which is rapidly heading into the stratosphere and is about to explode. ATF is apparently in full panic mode after Phoenix Assistant Agent-In-Charge George Gillett — apparently the day-to-day guy for operation "Fast and Furious," the Jolly Pirate Club name for the ATF gunrunning business — rolled last week and agreed through his attorney to come clean to Congress on the scandal. This after Gillett failed to be invited to a giant ATF conclave of Agents-In-Charge last weekend to discuss the burgeoning disaster, apparently leading Gillett to believe he was first in line to be tossed under the bus.

There are more revelations coming, to be sure. One thing to watch for is the White House using the current ATF scandal to create the next ATF scandal by shoving Chicago thug Andrew Traver down Congress' throat as the new head of ATF. Traver's career is rife with conflict of interests — working with International Association of Chiefs of Police and the Joyce Foundation promoting antigun causes — and overtly lying to the media on the difference between a "semiauto" and a "machinegun." Here's a comprehensive piece on Traver from No Lawyers Only Guns & Money. We have to be prepared for an all-out political effort to block Traver if the Obama administration tries to get him through as a "reformer."


The Freeholder said...

Michael, don't miss this one at No Lawyers:

If this is true, it's worse than George Gillett being afraid of going under the bus. It's more of a calculated play on his part to avoid prosecution.

Michael Bane said...

Freeholder, you're absolutely right...somebody has got to fall, and Gillett didn't want to be standing on the sidelines with somebody else cut a deal...kind of like watching an episode of Law and Order, isn't it?


nj_larry said...

I read about Gunwalker and wonder. Wonder about what kind of folks do we have carrying a gun and badge in this country. Like military gone bad, pedophile priests or doctors who hurt their patients, I wonder how folks who occupy a trusted and even sacred place in our society live with themselves? These ATF agents knowing full well that their DIRECT actions have resulted in deaths on both sides of the border. How do they look at themselves in the mirror and not want to puke?

KM200 said...

How do they look at themselves in the mirror and not want to puke?

The same way corrupt Border Patrol, State Police, Sheriffs and Military look at themselves in the mirror?

Face it, the ONLY WAY tons of drugs headed north get into every quarter of this country is through tainted officials. Same way as guns headed south.

In a 2005 wake-up call about the scope of border corruption, a major FBI-led sting in Arizona netted 71 guilty pleas by National Guard members, state prison guards and a federal inspector. Known as Operation Lively Green, the sting demonstrated that large numbers of government employees at the border were willing to take a bribe.

That was years ago - the money has
only gotten bigger.

How do large amounts of drugs get into prisons?? Without bribes it ain't gonna happen, and that is 24/7 government control!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, I guess the Ruger 1911 will be the bestest one ever, you know, because its a Ruger, it's built like a tank, it's a Ruger....etc.

Anonymous said...

We better not anger the Mexican government else risk the en masse attack of 29 million sleeper agents.


Gun Holsters said...

Gosh! Where's the world heading to?

A big catastrophe perhaps!

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