Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rocky Road Ahead!

Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell notes that with Obama's hand-picked choice Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz taking over as head of the Democratic National Committee, we're likely in for a rocky ride. Schultz is an antigun zealot heading up a now totally leftist Democratic Party, and I agree with Sebastian. The Blue Dog Dems are history, washed away in last November's elections.

Schultz' pet project is eliminating all private sales of firearms...forget the so-called "gun show loophole'" no private sales at all. Some reports are saying that bills to eliminate private sales will be introduced in both the Senate and the House quickly by the usual shills.

I have a gut feeling this a a major offinsive on the part of the Dems and BHo, the first real legislative assault on RKBA in a while, and we need to be prepared to go to war over it. The Dems got no traction on their various magazine bans and they're likely to abandon them to focus on private sales.

As Sebastian noted, traditional Republicans don't particularly like their crazy uncles in the closet (that would be us) and certainly have no strong feelings about the Second Amendment and RKBA issues...they support us because in many elections we are the necessary swing votes. The GOP has been more attentive than usual because in the 2008 elections the Dems somewhat wisely recruited conservative candidates from conservative areas, which meant that the gun vote was not only split but that some of the Blue Dogs actually did believe in the Second Amendment (we certainly saw that in some areas of Colorado).

Of course, these hellish years of the BHo Presidency proved categorically that even the most "conservative" of the Blue Dogs would morph into Whipped Dogs in a flash, roll over and whimper on command of their masters. So most of them got a free ride out of D.C. last November

Luckily, the Tea Party is pretty much 100% on RKBA, and I think they've shown they're unlikely to cave in the name BS "bipartisanship." Bipartisanship always reminds me of the old joke about a bowl of ice cream and a bowl of dog crap...mix them together and you have not a yummy acceptable compromise, but in fact 2 bowls of dog crap.

BTW, I meant to get to this earlier, but it is important that you all read this great story over on the Red State Blog from last week, "Banning Guns By Changing Definitions:"
Practical shooting sports are a problem for the ATF’s  narrow definition of sporting purpose. They have national organizations with tens of thousands of members, formal rules, and separate competitors by skill level so that there is competition within the brackets. One way that the ATF study gets around this is to ignore the fact that the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) is not the only bastion of practical shooting, but is just the US regional division of IPSC, the International Practical Shooting Association. After all, if one looks at the IPSC one has to admit that the practical shooting sports are an international phenomenon headquartered in Oakville, Ontario, Canada with divisions in over 80 countries, from Argentina to Zimbabwe...
The article talks about something we've been watching very closely, ATF's tinkering with the nonsensical "sporting purposes" clause. I suspect this may be back-burnered by the now-flailing scandal-ridden ATF hierarchy (hey, it takes a lot of effort to decide who to throw under a bus!), but you can expect it to come roaring back as soon as the scapegoats have been executed.


Stu said...

Wasserman Schultz is a flaming lib! Her district is one county north of me and I cringe when I see her on TV. She's doing something anti-gun this weekend.
The Dem definition of compromise is for us to cave in while they hold position. Strange... my definition is exactly the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification I think;

USPSA is a stand alone c3 US entity which has an affiliation with IPSC.

USPSA has it own set of rules which are in part different and in some instances directly conflict with IPSC rules.

The President of USPSA happens to also be the US regional Director for IPSC but this jointing is not mandatory. A stand alone IPSC US Regional Director could be established.

Walt R.

nj_larry said...

Please don't forget that the Republicans in charge of the House of Reps. are not our friends. Case in point: Eric Cantor is the one who stabbed Rich Iott of Ohio in the back and held hands with Debbie Schultz doing it. The excuse was that he was some sort of Nazi cause he and his kid enjoyed WWII (and other period) re-enacting. Lovely. Meanwhile down in Arizona we have Gov. Brewer pulling a John McCain and vetoing a campus carry bill and the Presidential candidate birth verification bill. Double lovely.

The Republican party is not our friend in the gun community. Neither are they the friend of freedom loving Americans. Individuals that have proven themselves over the years maybe. But the PARTY could care less. Like the Dems all they want is power. Watch how they tear Trump apart now cause he threatens their power. I ain't got a dog in that hunt so don't yell at me, but dissatisfied folks across the country are flocking to Trump, Palin, Bachman, Paul etc cause they are starting to see thru all the BS.

Like the old saying goes: Trust no one.

DamDoc said...

man, who does wasserman shultz's hair??! .... scarey as hell.... if she is their party chair, they are really devolving into the most extreme of socialists... that a major party is now so far left is very, very scary. pray for our nation.

shawn w said...

from a native new yawker....
trump is no friend of gun owners.
just saying.

KMitch200 said...

Like the old saying goes: Trust no one.

Especially if that someone is a 'wet finger in the air', 'what do the polls say today' politician.

Which they all are!

Anonymous said...

Your political prediction track record isn't that great.

Reid, as Senate leader, likely doesn't give a whoop about the DNC chair. Anti gun bills can only go forward if Reid allows them to.

David said...

A better term than "traditional Republican" is "Big Government Republican" or BGR.
Between BHo and the BGRs, we have problems; but now we have two Pauls and others like them.

eeyore said...

After Heller and McDonald, why is the "sporting purpose" limitation even an issue? Why isn't every RKBA group involved a huge lawsuit getting rid of these now (it seems to me) moot regulations?

Anonymous said...

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