Friday, April 08, 2011

Passing Though Home...

...I think I'm going to get up tomorrow AM and go shoot a cowboy match down in Boulder...heck, I've been on the range all week, so why not go to the range? Gonna take my '66 .44 Russian out and see how it runs.

I did get a chance to spend a little time with my friend Sandy Froman, former NRA President, Class III dealer and the only person I know with a cannon in her front yard. She had a smoking' hot short-barreled Saiga 12-gauge that, sadly, I did not get to shoot. We're going to try and spend some time at the NRA convention later this month...I need to do a sit-down with the NRA brass in Pittsburg and do a major download.

I did get to reacquaint myself with a 7.62 Krinkov...nasty little beast that it is...courtesy of Cory Trapp, resident gunsmith at the GUNSITE Gunsmithy and full-auto instructor. I much prefer the 5.45 Krink, but the 7.62 flavor is controllable...just. BTW, I left that Colt Rail Gun I bought a while back with Cory to dink a bit — trigger work, Novak sights, excise the ambi safety and full-length guide rod, this and that.

My Sweetie is making me a pizza for dinner! I tested one of her peppers and I think my left cheek exploded....


Home on the Range said...

Enjoy, and if you have a sweetie who knows the proper use of a pepper, you are indeed a lucky man.

RVN11B said...

Which left cheek?

Anonymous said...

First of all, it's Pittsburgh. Second, are you planning a get together with DRTV members while there?


Michael Bane said...

you say tomato; I say tomato...we are working on a DRTV whoop de do at NRA...we should have the details worked out by end of next week!


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Gun Holsters said...

Michael! Enjoy your trip home!