Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I note Military Times is now quoting sources that OBL was whacked with the 416...remember, you heard it here first! MT notes the spooky guys like 77-gr bullets, consistent with what I've heard.

Am sitting in a plane inexplicably stuck at the gate in Denver. Am ostensibly on the way to San Antonio to prove conclusively I am one of the 3 worst sporting clays shooters on earth at a benefit shoot there. Small children will probably throw rotten eggs at me.

Will be shooting the cowboy match in Boulder, if any of you are around.

-- Post From The Road


FightinBluHen51 said...

I haven't shot sporting clays in a while, so you can't be worse than me (as bad maybe, but not worse).

Good luck, and no egg throwing! Dust 'em!

Eric said...

OBL wasn't capped with a P226? ;-)

Anonymous said...

You gotta be better at sporting clays than I am, then again I've never shot sporting clays, trap, skeet, or birds of any feather.

See you Saturday.

- Grizzly Dave

John Richardson said...

The other rumored rifle/carbine was the Colt SP901 in 7.62x51. It was on the KitUp blog who got it from Soldier Systems Daily. However, they are now saying the HK.

What ever they used, he now sleeps with the fishes.

Zdogk9 said...

Doubt that they'll throw eggs. Most likely they will just point and laugh.

nj_larry said...

Not casting aspersions on the SEALs or the HK416 (I was touting piston stuff and getting beat up for it years ago). BUT does anyone have the trouble I am having with the conflicting stories coming out about this whole OBL thing? Intense firefight, two shots fired. He gets capped, he doesn't get capped (someone taken alive on the chopper). He puts up a fight, he doesn't put up a fight. He grows maryjane in the backyard, he acts dazed and confused after 20 minutes of SEALs breaking into the house/choppers flying overhead. He is on dialysis, no machine around, but he hasn't left the house in 5 years. Its a million dollar mansion, it looks like a freaking ghetto apartment. His naked wife attacks the SEALs, and she is the one that gets shot in the leg. Latest is his youngest son is now missing, US doesn't have him, Paks don't have him. WTF?

I have these deja vu feelings of Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch etc...I just honestly don't trust what the US gov't or the Paks say for one minute. I hope the bastard is dead, but man I have this feeling that we are the audience for multiple mind games. We'll probably get the truth 20 or 30 years from now.

Anonymous said...

And if you go to the Beretta USA website, this comes up-

"We are proud that in 1978 Navy Seal Team Six became the first U.S. military user of the Beretta Model 92 handgun.

Today's version of that sidearm - made in the U.S. in Accokeek, Maryland and now known as the Model 92FS or "M9" pistol - is the standard sidearm of the U.S. Armed Forces, with thousands of pistols purchased over the years by the Navy SEALs.

It is the goal of Beretta Defense Technologies to use our skill, experience, research and resources to serve those who defend us all.

And to our first U.S. military customer - Navy SEAL Team Six - we say "Thank You, Job Well Done!"

I think they are hinting that it was a Beretta that took out OBL. I dont care what was used, just very proud of the men that accomplished the job!

George said...

You are questioning the multiple "official" stories so this means you are a conspiracy theorist!

Really, I understand your point. I happen to think he has been dead for years and our government knows it. But it's possible he has been alive all this time hiding in plain sight in Pakistan, which our government knew well about too.

I don't think we will ever know the truth. I think there is just too much money going around with this war machine.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bane, I would recommend lunch or dinner at Budro's if you get the chance. The food is excellent. I would recommend the grilled prime rib and get the guacamole as an appetizer as it is made fresh at your table.


PS: The grilled quail with pepper jack grits aren’t half bad either ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, wait a minute. So Osama may not be dead after all? That might explain why I think I saw him waiting on tables yasterday in Dearbornistan. He was hawking a new drink called the "Osama Cocktail". He said it consists of 2 shots and a "splash".

Life Member ; )

Haji said...

I can't see a decent reason that OBL would have been shot with a side arm rather than the primary carbine. That doesn't any sense at all.

Sadltrmp said...

Well said!
One thing about BHO, he IS a typical politician, if you want to determine if he's lyin', just look to see if his lips are moving!
I think that they're feeding us horse poop by the bucket load on this story!
Anyhow I hope he's really dead, and am waiting to hear a thank you to the previous administration for their use of enhanced interogation to get the info stream started that got him.... but I don't think I'll wait with my hand on my ass!

Anonymous said...

All the info about Osama Bin Laden after his death is for foreign consumption. Its counter intelligence mind games. Trying to make OBL a scared little man hiding behind his wife, who acts to protect him.

I have gotten into reading Al Jazeera English, and some others. It is eye opening. By day two OBL death was no longer front page news. What was? The hundreds of democracy movement's protesters getting slaughter (gunned down) in Syria. Also Libya is huge.

Point is while it took a week and half for us to get over his death. They were though with him in a day. He is seen as part of the old regime. He also killed more Muslims than Christians.

Thank god Seal team six are all ok. God bless them for their service to this country. I lost a cousin/ very close friend on 9/11, I just don't want to loose more Americans in Afghanistan.

I just hope that I knew where he was buried so we could all go on a family retreat and piss on OBL's grave.

I love Ruger's!

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