Friday, May 13, 2011

Sorry for Lite Blogging

Put simply, I'm exhausted. It turns out that a defining "travel days" as my only full "days off" doesn't work as well as one might think. Came home from yesterday's filming day for TBD/SURVIVAL (after getting back from San Antonio at midnight the day before, and California a couple of days before that), sat down in front of the iPad and for all intents and purposes collapsed into a pathetic heap. \Was deep asleep by 9PM.

I feel vaguely human this morning, certainly good enough to be pulling the trigger tomorrow AM. Hopefully I can then face my travel schedule! LOL! Not complaining, mind you...just whining like a little baby.

Am looking forward to June, when Marshal Halloway and I are going to get together and evaluate a lot of guns for DRTV! That's always big big fun.

I knew I was resting up when I woke up this morning wondering whether I should replace the Tasco ProPoint on my RRC 10/22 with an Aimpoint or at least a dot with a green as well as red option for really flat gray days like last year's Worlds. If I'm thinking about guns, I'm not fretting about traveling (or, worse, being an actual television producer, which I've had to be a lot lately).


nj_larry said...

Techology is just the means to feed the beast. Internet speed combined with human appetitite for MORE. Bad combo.

So MB at some dam fine point you will be putting on one of those SEAL helmet cams and streaming 24x7 LIVE and in person. World just wants M-O-R-E of you. And you'll have to oblige.

Uno Mas said...

Put your feet up, have a good meal, have a great beer, have a long nap, and we'll see yah next week.

BTW, it's been scientifically proven that shooting archaic weapons at amusingly shaped steel plates, while dressed like a 19th Century rummage sale does wonders for the psyche.

Tim Covington said...

Get some rest. If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything.

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