Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Happened to May?

Do not be deceived by the mere appearance of purpose. 
A string with 
one free end will often tie itself in a knot in a high wind. That’s no
reason to go looking for a Great Knotmaker.

-- L. Neil Smith

Kind of like Mr. Eko's classic line on LOST: "Do not mistake coincidence for fate." I'm not sure I even have the mere appearance of purpose. I'm zipping to the Bianchi Cup tomorrow for DRTV hopeful that my hotel has a basement. Will be traveling with a basic trauma kit, because...duh!

Today is a reloading day, and if the temperature creeps out of the 40s I want to get on my mountain bike for a half-hour or so.

I got my AMERICAN RIFLEMAN this week, ad predictably it's flooded with 1911 commemoratives that I can't afford. However, one gun that I can afford and probably will buy is the Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander from Colt and TALO Distributors. Of course Wiley is an old and very good friend as well as one of the premier gunwriters ever. We first talked about his "everything you need; nothing you don't" Commander at the last 2 SHOT Shows, and it's finally in the pipeline for an MSRP of $1379.

The gun is what Wiley says it is, a Lightweight Commander in 45 ACP for everyday carry...a Series 70 gun with Novak sights and the minimum number of bells and whistles to make it 100%. I love the grips that Wiley designed for Altamont Grips. The one thing missing (and that I have on my own lightweight Commander-length S&W) is a Novak "Answer" mainspring housing/grips safety eliminator.


Anonymous said...

Did you see this?

Obama: We're Working on Gun Control 'Under the Radar'

r_w said...

You go ANYWHERE without a trauma kit????

Don't forget the good leather gloves and headlamp!

Anonymous said...

"Will be traveling with a basic trauma kit, because...duh!"

Thank the lord ! Missouri is saved now.

John Richardson said...

Buy the Wiley Clapp LW Commander! I did and love it. It fits my small hands like a glove and I love the front sight.

Bill Stryker said...

Buy the Talo Commander. I did and I really like it. I told Wiley that it is a great gun at the NRA Annual Meeting, because it is.

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